Britain's TRILLION Pound Horror...

  Uboat 23:11 11 Nov 2010

What a fantastic program that was PHEW did anyone see it.? The Truth is out there..

click here

  Forum Editor 23:27 11 Nov 2010

I'm sure it is, but it wasn't in that programme.

"Durkin argues that to put Britain back on track we need to radically rethink the role of the state, stop politicians spending money in our name and introduce, among other measures, flat taxes to make Britain's economy boom again."

I've come across some daft thinking in my time, but "stop politicians spending money in our name" is right up there in the top ten. The whole idea of our system of government is that politicians are empowered to run our country on our behalf - they are mandated to spend tax revenues in our name. If they are going to be stopped from doing that, what's the point of having a government at all?

  Snec 01:39 12 Nov 2010

Yes, but I guess what he really meant, and what everbody would agree with, was "stop politicians WASTING (our) money in our name."

  zzzz999 07:07 12 Nov 2010

No snec, what he really meant was why should the super rich have to pay tax, surely taxation is for the little people and the welfare state should be funded from charity. Bring back the workhouses.

  morddwyd 08:52 12 Nov 2010

Controversy fills his wage packet.

Is it a coincidence that contributors to "Living Marxism" magazine have appeared on his programmes (not this one)?

  Uboat 08:58 12 Nov 2010


Err you'l find that you are TOTALY wrong! can you tell me where in my above text i said the rich shouldnt pay tax when u said "what he really meant was why should the super rich have to pay tax"

Maybe youve just woke up and not read it correct.? I'm not sure...
What i am sure is some of the points in the documentary was worrying & how the UK is super overtax'd, The documentary is watchable on the link ive provided above..

To say the super rich should not pay tax would be foolish of me & as a matter of fact they should pay more than they are doing in some cases.

  Grey Goo 10:14 12 Nov 2010

It really makes little difference what anyone says about anything because somebody always knows better, whether it's good,bad or indifferent. Things will probably carry on as always and we will stagger from crisis to crisis in the usual SNAFU way.

  Chris the Ancient 11:05 12 Nov 2010

It makes me think of my ex. In her eyes, I only had two faults...

Everything I said and everything I did.

That is the life of an MP (or a tv 'documentary') as well.

  spuds 13:49 12 Nov 2010

I think that I am going to live my remaining days on a desert island somewhere. All the news and television special investigation programs I keep hearing about are beginning to worry me.

Even Joe Patel at the local corner shop is talking about going back to India to live, because times are getting hard here.

  CurlyWhirly 08:09 13 Nov 2010

Also after watching that programme, the bank bailout didn't really cause the recession as bailing out the banks 'only' cost an additional £73 billion which is pennies compared to the £4.8 trillion figure !

The truth is that the previous Labour government was overspending *before* the recession took hold.

Borrowing a £ out of every £4 spent is not sustainable unless we want to end up like Greece.

  CurlyWhirly 08:11 13 Nov 2010

oops what I meant to say was that the bank bailout didn't really cause the budget deficit.

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