Britain's oldest emailer?

  Pineman100 12:46 03 Apr 2011

I've just been reading an email from my old dad. This set me thinking - could he be the country's oldest emailer?

He's 95.

He asked me to introduce him to computer use about four years ago. My sister lives in California, and he wanted a quick, easy way to keep in touch with her.

I wouldn't describe him as computer-literate by any means, but he can receive and send emails, open attachments and surf the internet in a basic way.

I'm currently introducing him to the idea of placing his supermarket order online.

Having asked this question, I'm sure I shall be now be inundated with tales of older computer users!

  MAJ 12:50 03 Apr 2011

you'll have to buy him a webcam and get him on Skype for his 96th.

  Pineman100 13:00 03 Apr 2011

One step at a time, I think Maj...!!

  Strawballs 14:17 03 Apr 2011

I thought a friend of ours was doing well at 93 but 95 is even better.

  Pineman100 15:35 03 Apr 2011

That means in a field of two, he's still ahead, Strawballs!

  Jameslayer 16:52 03 Apr 2011

Sounds like your dad is a as competent as half the regular users of this forum me included.

  Pineman100 18:00 03 Apr 2011

A generous comment, Jameslayer, but you haven't seen him in action!

He can do it - just v-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-y!

  timsmith259 18:48 03 Apr 2011

well Pineman100 i would say he is a gentleman and a computer scholar

  Strawballs 20:38 03 Apr 2011

I bet he's still driving as well?

  Forum Editor 22:39 03 Apr 2011

your father's first post in our forum. He'll be sure of an extra special welcome from me.

  flycatcher1 22:49 03 Apr 2011

Well done your Father.
We Oldies can do most of the things you youngsters do, it is just that we do them more
Targets are the thing, we are aiming for the Olympics as Viewers, you understand, not as Competitors.
But 95 - have to think about that.

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