Britain braced for heavy snow

  Zero G 16:28 06 Feb 2007

Britain is about to plunge into wintry mode with heavy snowfalls predicted in some areas of the country, the Met Office has said.

People in south and mid Wales have been told to expect up to 15cm of snow - around six inches - tomorrow night and Thursday morning.

Up to five centimetres - around two inches - has been predicted for London and southern England on Thursday. Snowfalls of up to 10cm, or nearly four inches, could hit areas of high ground.

Weather forecaster Paul Knightley said cold air from the north mixing with an active mild weather system from the Atlantic would bring the snowfalls.

There have already been small snowfalls in the South West and tonight parts of eastern England will see some snow showers.

"On Wednesday night and Thursday morning a much more active weather system comes in from the South West," he said.

"Overnight Wednesday and Thursday morning are going to see quite a significant band of sleet and snow into south west England and South Wales and eventually by morning across much of Wales into the Midlands and into the London area and southern England as well as the South East.

"The snow will be potentially disruptive in London because it is predicted for rush hour and is going to cause some significant disruption, I think.

"It will probably be some of the heaviest snow in the last couple of years in the London area."

  Totally-braindead 16:32 06 Feb 2007

You means something like this click here posted earlier this afternoon?

  Zero G 17:18 06 Feb 2007

ooopps time to shoot myself;)

  IClaudio 17:19 06 Feb 2007

these news updates?

The UK has a perfectly good media network, without extra burden being placed on the Interweb bandwidth...

  Forum Editor 19:12 06 Feb 2007

Don't be such a grump. Online communities revel in such stuff, it's the oil that stops the forum's wheels from squeaking. Back when we didn't have any facility for non-computer topics here I was constantly being pestered to open up a general discussion forum. Eventually we did what Microsoft constantly boasts of doing - we listened to what our customers were saying - and Speakers Corner was born.

We're damned if we don't and (sometimes) we're damned if we do, it seems.

  IClaudio 19:19 06 Feb 2007

but not a copied transcription of a story that is all across the various media.

Moi, a grump? I'm really a pussycat, purrr :)

  Kate B 19:23 06 Feb 2007

*strokes IClaudio*

  IClaudio 19:29 06 Feb 2007

purrrs louder

  jackhass 19:32 06 Feb 2007

IClaudio, agree full heartedly with you.

All that is required is a personal slant on the story line instead of paste and copy.

Keep it interesting please.Engage the brain!

  IClaudio 19:53 06 Feb 2007

I'm due to be out on the road at 6am Thursday morning. Not looking forward to it! (memo to self: take shovel and big overcoat)

  Belatucadrus 14:17 07 Feb 2007

But despite all this we will doubtless be inundated by TV coverage of T shirt clad bozos in sandles who've taken no precautions whatsoever, driven off and got stuck as despite all the media coverage the snow has come as a complete surprise to them. They then have to start whining about the inadequacies of the gritting system and how it shouldn't be allowed.

IT'S GOING TO SNOW !! start early, take a spade and some warm clothing, keeping every single road clear 24/7 isn't possible, especially when the snow plows and gritters can't get past the idiots blocking the way.

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