Britain braced for heavy snow

  [email protected] 15:13 06 Feb 2007

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get your sledges ready.....

  MichelleC 15:23 06 Feb 2007

Ours are ready and waiting in the garage.

  Totally-braindead 15:25 06 Feb 2007

Scotland looks like its missing it again, fingers crossed.

  Totally-braindead 15:26 06 Feb 2007

If anyone wants to check their region heres the Met Office website click here

  jackhass 15:29 06 Feb 2007

Let it snow,let it snow ,let it snow.

Cause I'm off to the sun to-morrow for three weeks.

But I do promise to tune in now and again to raise the temperature a tad!(only joking FE).

  Kate B 15:39 06 Feb 2007

I can't stand snow >:(

  Mike D 15:46 06 Feb 2007

Kindred spirit!


  €dstowe 16:06 06 Feb 2007


What is this persistent journalistic misuse of the word "braced"? We get it in forecasts of just about any weather condition, good, bad or indifferent.

Britain is not braced for snow or any other weather phenomenon. There is nothing we can do about it so bracing, in any of its meanings, will do nothing either.

  sunny staines 17:26 06 Feb 2007

snow & fog would be best as it would closed down heathrow for us giving peace and quiet for aircraft noise.

  octal 17:38 06 Feb 2007

Perfectly valid use of the word braced.

brace yourself (PREPARE) verb [R]
to prepare yourself physically or mentally for something unpleasant:
The passengers were told to brace themselves (= to press their bodies hard against something or hold them very stiff) for a crash landing.
She told me she had some bad news for me and I braced myself for a shock.

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  €dstowe 17:42 06 Feb 2007

But Britain just doesn't do this.

Few, if any, of the British population make any preparation (braced or otherwise) for these occurrences.

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