Bring on the empty horses

  peter99co 20:25 20 Apr 2008

The stunt driver swam to safety. How Lucky!

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  Earthsea 20:41 20 Apr 2008

I saw this on the news but the driver was okay; apparently he was shaken but not stirred.

(Well, someone had to say it.)

  wee eddie 23:24 20 Apr 2008

and cheap, with it!

  interzone55 08:44 21 Apr 2008

I wouldn't say dumping an Aston Martin in Lake Garda was cheap.

It'll cost a bob or two to get that car up to speed again...

  Bingalau 09:19 21 Apr 2008

When I saw the heading to this thread I thought it was about David Niven's book.

  DieSse 13:07 21 Apr 2008

Yup me too.

For the others - it was a quote from a film director ina Western (I think), who needed a herd of riderless horses to gallop through the shot - hence his cry "Bring on the empty horses".

Which became the title of the book.

  peter99co 13:16 21 Apr 2008

The title jumped into my mind when I saw the many horse powered steed without a rider hanging from a crane.It was just after the driver had his battle with the steed and became unseated.The Niven ref I believe came after a battle and riderless horses were needed in the film scene.

  DieSse 14:05 21 Apr 2008

Neatly done.

  peter99co 22:35 24 Apr 2008

Stunt man hurt this time.

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  wiz-king 05:59 25 Apr 2008

There goes the insurance no-claims bonus, I wonder if the insurance companies will create a new group for these cars - not classed along with your average Ford Focus.

  peter99co 11:28 25 Apr 2008

I am willing to bet the stunt drivers insurance rates might be looked at but wish him well in his recovery.

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