Bring back the Royal Tournament...

  Brumas 19:04 02 Jul 2006

I watched ‘Jet Stream’ on the Discovery Wings Channel and at the end of the programme they mentioned that for a while the future of the Red Arrows was uncertain due to the high running costs but all this was outweighed by the high PR that they achieved and the major influence on RAF recruitment.

Surely the powers that be must realise that by axing the Royal Tournament they effectively closed the shop window as it were and Army recruitment, IMHO, took a nosedive. However, I must admit that the graphic, daily, bullet by bullet live coverage of the Iraqi Conflict didn’t help recruitment at all!

To me the Royal Tournament was a unique exciting event which is still solely missed by all serving and ex members of HM Forces; a programme which, when watched made you feel proud to be British. Running the field-gun was such a powerfully competitive event that even the viewers themselves strained with each step.

All I can say is “Hands off the Royal Tattoo”

  Forum Editor 19:52 02 Jul 2006

We are one of the most powerful and comprehensive military nations in the World; in fact we're the world's second most powerful nation if you judge such things on military capabilities - we're second only to the US in that respect.

The total number of serving personnel, including reserve forces, is in the region of 250,000 which ranks us way down in terms of personnel, but we spend over £30 billion a year, which is the world's third largest military budget. We don't need military tattoos to dispay our strength, or to give our citizens a sense of pride - our actions on the world stage should do that.

  nigg 21:39 02 Jul 2006


I agree.

  Brumas 21:46 02 Jul 2006

I agree that we do not need Military Tattoos to display our strength - but we do need them and the Royal Tournament so that we, the 'folks at home' can see our forces portrayed in all their diversification.We like to see the various regiments(whilst they last) display their own identities, the various corps practicing their specialities, the massed bands and display teams revelling in their consummate skills - and all this in a peacetime setting!!

  Forum Editor 22:36 02 Jul 2006

that we don't tolerate comments of a political nature, especially when they are as wildly biased as the one I've just deleted.

By all means express an opinion, but try to keep things within the bounds of reason. Otherwise an interesting topic is spoiled for us all.

  LinH 22:39 02 Jul 2006

My response was not directed at your original posting, in fact I agree with what you say. The Royal Tournament was/is very popular and does credit to the various arms of our military services that participate in the event.

No, my comments were an attempt to illustrate that our actions on the world stage does nothing to enhance our sense of pride. How can it when we have invaded two countries and one is now in a bigger mess than it was before?

  LinH 23:12 02 Jul 2006

Firstly, if I have broken any forum rules, written or unwritten, I do apologise. I have never read, or indeed even looked for, a set of rules that defines what can or cannot be said in these forums. This is my fault entirely.

However, although my comments were judged by yourself as biased, I maintain that the substance of those comments is valid, the Royal Tournament is a very popular event, loved by competitors and audiences alike. Yes, there is a cost but as a fraction of the total armed forces budget it's miniscule.

Unfortunately, the armed forces and politics are inextricably linked so if one wants to be pedantic, even your comments could be considered political up to a point!

Anyway, no offence was meant and I hope none was taken. Keep up the good work!

  Forum Editor 23:21 02 Jul 2006

Look towards the top right of any of the main forum pages - the ones with the lists of threads - and you'll spot a download link to my guide to use of the forum. It's a PDF file, and not too big.

  josie mayhem 23:45 02 Jul 2006

Yes in one way it is sad that the Royal Tournment has been stopped, but at the end of the day this doesn't show the normal on going day to day of forces life.

Our children now have the choice of serving queen and country or not!

I come from the forces and am married to a ex-service man, but only one of my nephews has actualy joined any service.

IMHO if you want to be in, then you be in no Royal Tournment is going to change your mind.

I have seen my folk come home from differnt tours of duty, shattered different men, couping with it should have been me!!!!

We has a family have supported the best we can, and I don't for one want people joing the forces because they have watched the P.R side of the forces and not what really happens on a daily basies, which is nothing like what they protray in a Royal Tournment, that is a very tiny monitary part of the forces.

It an't all fun and games....

  Jackcoms 19:13 03 Jul 2006

I speak as an ex-RN Reservist.

One of the overriding reasons that the Tournament was scrapped was due to cut-backs in forces personnel.

With various commitments around the world such as Northern Ireland (at that time), the Gulf, Afghanistan, manning our bases overseas (Cyprus and BAOR, for example) and on-going training commitments there simply weren't the personnel available to spare to take part in the Tournament.

One perfect example of how cut-backs have affected our ability to have sufficient personnel for any given conflict is how many RN ships (particularly those in a combat zone) are now partially manned by Reservists.

In the past, Reservists would only have been called up as a very last resort.

  DrHoliday 10:36 05 Jul 2006

The Royal Navy still runs the Field Gun competiton & it still has Devonport, Portsmouth & Fleet Air Arm contesting it.

However due to cut backs it is not held as part of the Royal Tournament. However the results are still flashed to all of the fleet, including HM Submarines patrolling on deployments around the World.

Go Fleet Air Arm!

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