Bridgend 17 Suicides

  crosstrainer 11:21 20 Feb 2008

And the police say they can find no link...? I can't believe that there isn't one. Bridgend is a small place, most people who live there know each other, how can 17 suicides be classified as unrelated?

  Jpeg6785 12:39 20 Feb 2008

That is actually wrong, the Cheif Constable Dave Morris of South wales police stated in a press conference held yesderday that a link had been found.... that link was in fact the media hype surrounding Bridgend, and he requested the media to report sensitively to discourage copycat suicides among vulnerable youths.

  tillybaby 12:44 20 Feb 2008

Wasn't it also revealed that at least eight of the teenagers knew each other?

The media only became involved when the suicides were already more than national average.

  crosstrainer 13:00 20 Feb 2008

Yes it was. I have clients in Bridgend and everyone is talking about this. Some kind of pact? I just find it hard that all these youngsters killed themselves without some form of connection. The fact that they knew each other may well be coincidental, as I mentioned before Bridgend is quite a small place really, and they probably went to the same school. It has a high incedence of teenage drink / drug related issues, and I wonder if any of these young people were visiting these awful websites where you are actively encouraged to kill yourself? Perhaps word of mouth played a part?

I don't suppose any solid conclusions will ever be drawn.

  barca1 13:09 20 Feb 2008

"crosstrainer" i am wiht you on this one,this is TOTALY bizzare & if anyone from Bridgend is reading this i cant stress how important it is that you let someone know whats happening!!!
AS with "Jpeg6785" i did see the police state these comments relating to the media i think this is a "BLand" excuse to pass the book,there is SIMPLY much more to this then is been let on maybe for obvious reason's eh,

  sunny staines 13:39 20 Feb 2008

perhaps they were hanging around binge drinking or drug taking with no goal in life or any hobbies etc and took their lives will down from drug withdrawl or bouts of depression.

they may not be drinkers or drug takers just a suggestion.

  bremner 14:25 20 Feb 2008

.............a very insensitive suggestion with no evidence to support it.

  bstb3 14:48 20 Feb 2008

regardles of whether there was a pact, wether they knew each other or not, what is important here is that 17 young people chose to end their lives before they had barely begun to start living it.

What people in Bridgend and the wider community need to be considering is why these children could choose this course of action, how they could think it was the best option and what was so missing from their lives that this couldnt have been prevented in the first place.

Speculation about anything else (here or in the wider media) is frankly insensitive, unncessary and deflecting from the real life issues surrounding each and everyone of these tragedies (and I dont just mean in Bridgend - young people across the UK are killing themselves needlessly).

  Jak_1 15:45 20 Feb 2008

sunny staines has a point! Far from being insensitive it is looking for connections that are plausible. It is no good being sensitive when trying to find links to tragedies, all possibilities have to be looked at or something vital may be missed. So many incidences in a small area it is doubtful that there is no connection between some, most or all! Listening on the radio this morning it transpires that computer owned by some of the victims had been wiped of various files using file shredding programs!
Post Mortem tests would reveal any drug useage but that information has not been made public, but, if drugs had been used, that ecidence would be inconclusive.
What is known is that 'Skunk'does lead to psychiatric problems in young people so there is that possibility,again inconclusive and it has not been revealed if they had used the substance.
Being sensitive does not find answers!

  crosstrainer 15:57 20 Feb 2008

The cult mass suicides in Waco Texas many years ago. I'ts possible that these youngsters felt "a part" of something that has ended in tradgedy for them and their families.

I know Bridgend, as I stated earlier...It is (with all due respect to anyone who lives there) Not the most dynamic or attractive places in Wales. However, if you compare it to far more run down areas in the Rhondda (which don't seem to have a high concentration of teenage suicide) then you have to wonder about a "group dynamic" taking place.

  bremner 16:20 20 Feb 2008

Ill informed, widely speculative and extremely hurtful suggestions serve no purpose.

Knowing why these people did what they did will need careful, sensitive investigation.

The victims in these cases are the family left behind, they have plenty to deal with without such comment.

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