breast milk ice cream seized

  timsmith259 21:43 01 Mar 2011

click here

following complaints and on health grounds

  Forum Editor 23:13 01 Mar 2011

but not breast milk in Westminster. If Westminster bans this then I am going to begin a protest with mums who have already shown support."

Ah well, if mums have shown support it must be OK.

Speaking personally I don't see Häagen-Dazs
having to shut the factory any-time soon.

  zzzz999 06:38 02 Mar 2011

just loved the comment about there being no raspberry nipple flavour

  Quickbeam 06:57 02 Mar 2011

"Selling foodstuffs made from another person's bodily fluids can lead to viruses being passed on and, in this case, potentially hepatitis."
Hence my comment on the other thread suggesting it was as unsavoury as cannibalism.

  Quickbeam 06:59 02 Mar 2011

The FE must be having a lie in, my saucy comment on the original thread was deleted within 5 minutes!

  jakimo 11:33 02 Mar 2011

It's all in the worst possible taste

  interzone55 12:02 02 Mar 2011

"Hence my comment on the other thread suggesting it was as unsavoury as cannibalism"

So babies who are brought up on breast milk are cannibals, as are calves, kittens, puppies etc...

If people want to spend £14 on a portion of frozen breast milk then that's fine with me, it's their personal choice.

I'll be sticking with Ben & Jerry's Phish Food ice cream...

  peter99co 14:39 02 Mar 2011

I wonder how many customers are now having sleepless nights and tests at the local GP surgeries?

  interzone55 16:11 02 Mar 2011

As the milk had been pasteurised in the normal manner there's really nothing to worry about.

I have a feeling that someone who found this product dis-tasteful has found a way to get the cafe to stop selling it...

  userious? 18:50 02 Mar 2011

The dispensors are nice.....

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