Breaker breaker ?

  Dragon_Heart 01:23 30 Sep 2010

I was having a rummage around in the loft when I came across my old CB equipment.

For those of you born after about 1990 ish CB stands for "Citizens Band Radio". In the days prior to mobile phones being 'mobile' lorry drivers and others had two way radios in our vehicles some illegal some not. So were some of the aerials used. In November 1981 the UK government made it all legal but not using the 'original' AM frequency used in the USA.

The CB had a language all of its own, some used the 10 -? codes like the police in the US other used slang

One-eyed monster... Television

Seat cover... Attractive woman

Ten-Four... Yes,Ok,Roger etc

Motion lotion... Petrol

Some spend £'000 on equipment

The point to my rambling is ...... do people still use the CB ?

  MAJ 01:49 30 Sep 2010

If I remember correctly, Dragon_Heart, they made the 27MHz AM frequency illegal, as well as the upper and lower sidebands, (used mostly for skip-talk) but allowed FM if you bought a licence. I remember some great rows and fights between we AM users and the FM users around the city. I know some guys went on to HAM radio when they brought in FM. Some people did indeed spend thousands on equipment and a lot of us built our own aerials. At the peak of my interest, I had a Cobra 148GTLDX 480 with a KC slide (always wanted a Cobra 2000 or a Yeasu), a Sigma 4 antenna (for local work), a Moonraker 4 element beam and a 4 element homemade horizontal beam (for skip-talk), both on a rotator. I still have a load of QSL cards from all over the world somewhere on the attic, I think. Ah, happy, innocent days. Catch you on the flip-side, Dragon_Heart, 10-10 for now.

  wolfie3000 04:53 30 Sep 2010

Man that takes me back, in my teens I used to use a CB (Fully licensed),

Had quiet a few too, from Tandy, Midland to Uniden.

The joys of setting up a Rubber duck and half wave aerials and calibrating them with SWR meters.

Using afterburners too and having the neighbours complaining you were knocking out there tv's lol

Channel 19 being the channel you used to find people locally.

I miss those days.

  birdface 07:59 30 Sep 2010

Still got mine but it is not very popular nowadays.
Most truckers have sat nav's on their lorrys now and don't use them.
Still get the odd arguments and the odd idiot playing music.
But very quiet now.

  birdface 08:12 30 Sep 2010

Sorry should have said you don't need a licence now so just set it up again and see if you can hear anyone.
Mind you if you still drive north of the border every second word starts with F for Foxtrot.

  babybell 15:57 30 Sep 2010

I was born in '82 and I don't know anything about CB Radio.

I was going to ask why they needed a different language and why couldn't they just speak normal English, but then I suddenly thought of text speak which I use in my messages and assumed that must be the modern equivalent.

  mobileman1953 16:34 30 Sep 2010

click here

insight into cb radio

  spuds 16:42 30 Sep 2010

Did anyone on the forum attend any of the rallies and protest marches, because the government said CB would never be allowed in the UK?.

  peter99co 17:49 30 Sep 2010

No licence is needed for CB now and Maplins still sell them if you want to give it a go.

  Devil Fish 00:41 01 Oct 2010

those where the days out on the fox hunts all used to throw a couple of quid into the hat and the first one to find the fox won

(and no im not talking about our 4 legged friends before i get lynched by the animal rights fraternity)

Fox hunt explained we all used to meet up in the cars at a local venue known as the grub stop a driver was then designated as the fox who would then drive off to a location and then from time to time give clues as to his/her location the job of the rest of the party was to track them down the first one to track them down won

But yes babybell your analogy is correct i think all younger people have their own way of communicating certainly when i was a teen and in my early 20s cb was a big thing and a lot of language i used was evolved around cb radio where as the next generation it is txt and l33t and the generation after you will no doubt have a completely different communication language

  Seth Haniel 08:52 01 Oct 2010

GI Joe calling Kaliedescope

'4 for sure'

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