Brand new boxed Epson printers on eBay

  pj123 13:12 05 Jul 2007

Posted this in Speakers Corner because it isn’t really a call for help, just for information.

I have 2 Epson R220 printers, both bought from my local PC retailer.

I now need another printer and thought I would give eBay a try.

There is a good selection of Epson printers listed by Business Sellers, all describing them as Brand New and in original box. But they all seem to say “NOTE: THERE IS NO INK SUPPLIED WITH THIS PRINTER”

Is there a reason why there is no ink? Both my R220 printers from my local shop came complete with ink! In fact, every printer I have ever bought all came with ink supplied.

  realist 13:42 05 Jul 2007

If it's BlueApple you're referring to the answer would seem to be on this page under "Why do we not supply ink...?":

click here

  interzone55 13:44 05 Jul 2007

These are probably OEM printers that should be bundled with PC packages, not sold on their own

I've read about this in another thread, but i can't find it at the moment.

Considering the price of the ink is often the same as the cost of the printer, and Epson sells it's printers with full cartridges rather than half full ones like certain manufacturers I'd steer well clear of these "bargains"

  Stuartli 14:06 05 Jul 2007

I bought a brand new Epson R300 from an excellent e-Bay outlet and it was stated as being with compatible cartridges (it was at a very good price).

I spoke to the seller who confirmed that that original cartridges are removed and replaced with compatibles, but was perfectly happy to supply the originals for payment of a premium.

The reason, I presume, that the originals are removed is because of their value (as alan14 mentions).

In the end I accepted the compatibles and have been perfectly happy with them and the resulting equivalents I have bought since.

In fact I buy them for under a fiver for the full six cartridges and that's something that pleases me compared to the near £70 for the original Epsons.

No wonder Epson seeks to stop the sale of compatibles for its printers...:-)

  Stuartli 14:08 05 Jul 2007

Epson R300s can be acquired for £47 when in stock from:

click here

It's an excellent company which I have dealt with on behalf of one of the offspring.

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