Boy 'too tall' for child's meal

  Seth Haniel 10:27 04 Jun 2009
  wee eddie 11:28 04 Jun 2009

Many restaurants are doing "Buffet" Meals and offer special prices for kids. On the assumption that a Child will eat less than an adult.

There are some members of the Public, God bless their little cotton socks, who feel that their Football playing, soon to be teenage, energy well, should pay the same as a Five Year Old.

They're coming it! They are trying to "con" the restaurant out of it's hard earned Income and I have "No", not even a little, sympathy for their hypocritical rant.

  Si_L 12:24 04 Jun 2009

A fairer policy would have been age, people these days come in all shapes and sizes so its unfair to make them pay extra.

  skeletal 12:39 04 Jun 2009

What is all this discrimination about age (10 year old eats more than a 5 year old?), sex (women eat less than men?), skinny vs fat (fat people eat more than skinny?); where would you stop?

To have to measure the height of someone before your can eat is totally stupid IMO.
Oh, and what about people who are “height challenged (or whatever the PC phrase is these days)?

Surely the answer is simple: you provide small portions and large portions and charge accordingly. Then ANYONE, can chose which size to have (one pub we go to does just this).

Sometimes, as skinny adults, we only want a tiny snack. An adult portion is too big, but you get really strange looks if you order three “children’s” meals. Similarly, our 13 year old (even when ten) sometimes was hungry and would tuck into an “adult” portion.

If you provide an “all you can eat buffet” than I’m afraid you should be prepared for a wide range of people from those who stuff themselves stupid, to those who pick out a single pea. Take the rough with the smooth.

Why are such simple things made so complicated?!


  Seth Haniel 12:40 04 Jun 2009

already don't frequent a local takeaway as they would not accept a perfectly legal tender Scottish bank note.

  dagnammit 12:53 04 Jun 2009

I wouldn't be back, simple as.

I often just get a kids meal, and I don't care about strange looks, if the restaurant ain't happy then I'll get my dinner somewhere else.

  wee eddie 13:28 04 Jun 2009

The whole stramash swings around "The Buffet Meal"

A normal "Child" will, very likely, eat relatively little.

However many young men, some not even in their "Teens", will pile their plates high and then go back for Seconds and possibley even Thirds.

I believe that this is what the Restaurant is quibbling with. They obviously have little problem with feeding small children, it's just the Gannets that cause them problems.

The problem with that is you get the family with a son very obviously over the age limit, but they insist (often quite aggressively) that he is 5 years younger than he really is. It's not an easy situation for a restaurant waiter to be in, so I can understand why they implement a hight policy, and as long as it is clearly stated, I wouldn't have a problem with that.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:32 04 Jun 2009

'Are Scottish & Northern Irish notes legal tender?
In short ‘No’ these notes are not legal tender; only Bank of England notes are legal tender but only in England and Wales'.

I'm afraid that you are cutting off your nose to spite your face, at least according to the Bank of England you are. Scottish notes are NOT legal tender in England and they should know. click here


  Seth Haniel 14:39 04 Jun 2009

any one who doesn't accept my money (no matter what currency)- will not got my custom - as in these finacial times, they are cutting their own throats -
Quite a lot of businesses and shops in the tourist areas of Scotland are now accepting Euros too - can't see the local takeaway doing that either.

  skeletal 15:27 04 Jun 2009

“...they implement a height policy, and as long as it is clearly stated...”

To re-iterate my previous comments, rephrase as follows:

“...they clearly state that people weighing more than 14 stone / 89 kg will be charged 50% more, and as long as it is clearly stated...”


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