Bosch the Volkswagen of the vacuum cleaner world

  oresome 11:29 29 Oct 2015

There seems to be a dust up between Dyson and Bosch with claim and counter claim.

Ill feelings started some time when Dyson found a mole working in their research dept. reporting back to Bosch.

Bosch now claim super energy efficiency for one of their cleaners, but Dyson claim this is only with an empty bag and detectors increase the power used as the bag fills to maintain suction.

Dyson meanwhile have had to change the labeling on some of their machines after protests by Bosch.

I wonder if we are all being deceived into thinking we will save money or benefit the globe by changing products when in fact the claimed energy efficiencies are only achievable under ideal laboratory conditions.

I must say I have never noticed a reduction in water or electrical consumption over the years and I've never achieved the claimed mpg on the car.

  wee eddie 11:44 29 Oct 2015

Does anyone, in their heart of hearts, really believe Advertising Copy?

  spuds 13:55 29 Oct 2015

I recall about 3 years ago, calling in at my local council owned recycling depot, and in one of their enclosed storage areas, there was a large amount of Dyson products, which didn't fair very well on possible reliability.

Probably a source of cheap spare parts though!.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:19 29 Oct 2015

One of my neighbors makes a living repairing dysons :0)

Always thought the build quality poor for the price asked.

  morddwyd 19:32 29 Oct 2015

"Does anyone, in their heart of hearts, really believe Advertising Copy?"

Do you mean it may not be true?!

  Aitchbee 20:48 29 Oct 2015

My vacuum just sits in the corner gathering dust.

  bumpkin 21:09 29 Oct 2015

Well it made me laugh HB:-)

  oresome 09:24 12 Nov 2015

Dyson have had their complaint thrown out by the EU because they haven't come up with a credible alternative way of testing vacuum cleaners for energy efficiency that is repeatable when there is dust in the container.

The EU probably feared complaints from other manufacturers that they were using the wrong type of dust.

So if you stand the vacuum cleaner in the corner unused and switch it on, the energy label will give you a fair indication of the energy it's using, otherwise forget it.

  Forum Editor 07:32 13 Nov 2015

wee eddie

"Does anyone, in their heart of hearts, really believe Advertising Copy?"

Well, if claims are made you should be able to believe them - it's against the law to make a false claim about your product, or indeed to lie about a competitor's product.

  wee eddie 10:14 13 Nov 2015

FE: If that were true, there wouldn't be a Statistician, still walking the streets in the Free World!

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