Bored at Work

  Legolas 11:17 21 Dec 2007

Well its 11:15 and in the office, there is nought to do so who else is at work and bored. Why don't they just let me go home? ;)

  Noels 11:45 21 Dec 2007

You could then help with the Shopping, Cleaning,
Cooking,Wrapping presents and all those little jobs that need doing which you can't do while at work?
With best wishes from one at home.

  Al94 11:46 21 Dec 2007

This might help click here

  Legolas 11:50 21 Dec 2007

Ah the boredom might be about to end. I have just heard that we are going to get beer and pizza yum yum.

  spuds 13:49 21 Dec 2007

And the sack for eating and drinking on the job. Merry Christmas ;o)

  Chegs ®™ 14:00 21 Dec 2007

I would love to be bored at work,only am unable to work due to injury caused whilst working.

  Forum Editor 15:00 21 Dec 2007

I dream of being in the office with nought to do, but so far it hasn't happened once.

  mrwoowoo 15:23 21 Dec 2007

I was bored at work once and so put the incredibles on my portable dvd player to watch.
The manager walked in and sat down and watched it with us....pheeew!

  Legolas 15:46 21 Dec 2007

I am home now, at 13:50 the boss decided as it was Christmas and the pizza was finished he was going to put all our names in a hat and whoever was pulled out could go home. Result I got to go home early so I went and done some last minute C

  Legolas 15:48 21 Dec 2007

sorry pressed the wrong I was saying, I went and done some last minute Christmas shopping so I don't need to go in to town tomorrow, result all round methinks.

  CatTrading 16:32 21 Dec 2007

I'm working up to 1700 on Christmas Eve.
Will take off Christmas Day, but back in on Boxing Day.

If no one has any work to do in the office then somethings up!

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