Bored with computers

  spikeychris 15:18 05 Jul 2004

Computering is getting to easy, I'm getting board to death of Windows as they are moving towards the "everyone can use this" option. Linux is doing the same. Wheres the fun gone? They are also shoving so many drivers in the box to accommodate the new hardware being built but this causes conflicts. Give me an operating system stripped to nothing, just the backbone and I'll add my own drivers if and when I want them.

So there.

  Old Shep 15:23 05 Jul 2004

Well said spikeychris that will get them talking. Computering is getting to easy. I suppose you will say next any idiot can use one. Nice to see your the first one to post I wondered who it would be. Was expecting it to be Powerless moaning that he'd lost his newsroom!!!!!

  spikeychris 16:13 05 Jul 2004

Ah you know what hes like when he gets his teeth into something. When I first started using computers (not that long ago, Win95b was my first real play, I had an Amiga but I played games with that.) i had to learn DOS and commands prompts and sys and config files and directories and a whole host of other things. This is what fired my interest, I had to "learn" a lot to be able to just use the machine properly. Over time I delved further and got the bug as it were.

When a new operating system comes out I get it to just play with, its a new challenge,....well it used to be. They fix themselves now and if it goes down you can't really play with the file structure to bring it back, you use a repair tool built into the disk.

If I was just starting out now with a computer I very much doubt that I would have the same enthusiasm as I did.

There is the argument that its "geeky", it might be but its also fun, some people get their jollies from train spotting or standing in the rain watching a blue spotted chaffinch. The thing is they will always be able to do so, M$ (and I'm not knocking them) are slowly taking away the "real" interest of computing and turning them into "big buttoned hit this" to fix it machines.

When Longhorn is released things will get worse and if they ever come up with the "perfect" operating system I will have to grab me wellies and binoculars........

  Djohn 16:23 05 Jul 2004

I agree that they are more easy to use but I still find the software confusing. XP Pro for example gives me its own media-player for both music and movies.

My sound card gives me a software player for sound, Video card another player, DVD yet another player for movies, my 5.1 speaker system gives another player as well. I think I spend more time deciding which player to use than listening to music or watching a DVD. :o(

  Chegs ® 16:30 05 Jul 2004

Windows got boring when Flecc revealed SPEEDOS,etc.They were fun to play with,XP refuses to allow any bloat removal without breaking it(or so mine keeps saying when it wants to "Phone Home" cos I did something to it)Linux is bloody hard work,as installing it gets easier = actually using it gets harder. ;-)

  MidgetMan 16:31 05 Jul 2004

You mean to say that you can play music & films on your pc?? I thought they were only for doing things like typing letters/spreadsheets etc ....Oh and crashing of course!! Damn, learn something new every day in this forum.

  Djohn 16:47 05 Jul 2004

Yep! afraid so. In fact my PC has become just another household item, it never goes wrong, I just turn it on and use it like you would the TV.

98SE was very stable as well but I could play around with it and alter things but with XP there is nothing to do except watch movies, write letters, listen to music and of course visit the forums.

When I was with AOL I needed to reset the software on a weekly sometimes daily basis but since being with Zen I don't even have that to play with, it just works all the time. :o(

  spikeychris 16:47 05 Jul 2004

If I where an editor/owner of a computer magazine (cant think of one off hand) I'd be even more worried. You can only print so many reviews of new hardware, what will the helproom/helproom page in the mag do? Will it turn into a third party solutions page?

The ultimate O/S could be the worse thing to hit the computer market....for us sad gits that is.

  Smiler 16:50 05 Jul 2004

When you're really bored you can watch the pipes screen saver LOL

  jack 16:55 05 Jul 2004

When Motor Cars were 'New' there were those who built from bits or tinkered.
Now whrn you open the bonnet, you cant even change your own sparkplugs any more.
So no longer tinker.
When HiFi was New
I built a a moster 12 valve 'cppker' and 18" speakers an all , then a little Sinclair
Then she said- get a proper one - so I got a B&O

When Computers were 'new' I built a Sinclair
I moved to ST520 upped it to a 1040 then ripped the processor out and put in a 68030 and 4 whole megs of memory it was called a PAK
Then I built a PC. and then another and now this
one now I'll stick for a bit because we now have
Digital Photography and I ve got 40 years worth of Slide and hundreds of digi pix
See its all toys to us and we get bored with toys
especially when big Bill wants to empty our pockets.
Hey I read this in a local computer club maggie
talking Linux and thins the author finished with

In a Free world Who Needs Gates and Windows
Neat Huh

  Tittlemouse 17:27 05 Jul 2004

I wish one of you bored computer experts lived next door to me. I get plenty of trouble with my set up and mostly don't know how to fix it. I'm too old to learn now, at least too old to remember what I have learned. My way of fixing things is to fiddle around everywhere for a couple of days until it comes right again.
I think there is one or two 'experts' in these columns that could do with learning a little bit about how to write in English. Now and again it takes me a while to figure out some of the replies until I realise that there has been a splelling mistake that alters the meaning of things.

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