This is bordering on criminal conduct

  TopCat® 16:07 28 Oct 2009

What a terrible indictment for this country's top people at the MoD! TC. click here

  morddwyd 16:24 28 Oct 2009

Yes and for us, the people who voted in a government that keeps the MoD short of funds.

It is we who instilled the bean counter culture among the top brass, who have continually to reduce budgets.

In my forty years service I spent thirty trying to get two men to do what really needed three.

Don't opt out; it's our government, and our armed forces,.

They both work for us, and if we are bad bosses that's our fault, nobody else's.

  interzone55 16:35 28 Oct 2009

"In my forty years service I spent thirty trying to get two men to do what really needed three."

But isn't that the same in all business.

When I started in my present job three years ago there were 19 people in our office. Now we have 10 people doing the work of 19, plus extra responsibilities.

  TopCat® 16:40 28 Oct 2009

the decision making, but in my opinion it was a subsequent government departmental decision and the Treasury who should be downright ashamed.

The safety of those who had to operate those aircraft was far higher than any monetary concerns at the time. TC.

  gengiscant 16:52 28 Oct 2009

'Yes and for us, the people who voted in a government that keeps the MoD short of funds'.

The MOD has got wasting money down to a fine art, their new offices are an excellent example, and the constant cost overruns on major weapons procurement waste billions.
My son was in the Royal Marines when the SA80 was issued in place of the 7.62 SLR. The SA80 was only good for throwing at the enemy you certainly couldn't fire it in many combat situations.

Yes the government shares some blame but the MOD is responsible and yet again they will not be held to account.

  morddwyd 17:46 28 Oct 2009

"But isn't that the same in all business."

Of course it is; that's my point - the bean counters rule, not operational requirements.

  AL47 18:23 28 Oct 2009

yes, the armed forces IMO waste so much money, and although saftey shouldnt be cut back, quanity and lavishness should

  OTT_Buzzard 18:59 28 Oct 2009

The armed forces, as with all government organisations, have never really had any requirement to be competitive in their operations.

I wouldn't promote privatised armed forces, but there is an absolute need for a more commercial mindset.

  morddwyd 08:02 29 Oct 2009

"there is an absolute need for a more commercial mindset."

Of course there is. Cut the budget, meet the targets, all makes good commercial sense.

In the meantime people die.

  oresome 09:17 29 Oct 2009

I presume you could describe BAE Systems as having a commercial mindset.

Which probably explains why they tendered for a job they were ill equipped to do. Having won the contract, they were unable to complete it in a professional manner and hoodwinked the client into believing it had been done when time ran out.

I suspect the taxpayer paid handsomely for the botched safety report.

Likewise the taxpayer paid £125 for pipeline seals that were sold by the manufacturer for £15 and then went via two other contractors to the MOD. Despite the massive markups, nobody bothered to note that the original 1947 specification for the material was no longer available and had been substituted for some years. Indeed the manufacturer wasn't even aware that the seals were for aviation purposes.

The MOD may well have been lax, but the commercial world don't come out of this report in a good light.

  Deekio 00:36 30 Oct 2009

If lavishness is what our armed forces are enjoying
I'd love to see you meeting them face to face, and
explaining your case. Safety is the last thing on their mind (no pun intended) it's quite obvious that you have never served your country.
Buzzard, Competitive?
The absolute requirement for the armed forces is that they WIN, if they did not we would not be here today ,would we? Commercial companies such as BT.
British Gas ,or Barclays Bank do not require that their employees die for them if necessary.

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