Boots Sell Over The Counter Paternity Tests

  jakimo 11:34 01 Feb 2011

controversial,and some will say it will open up a Hornets nest.

The significance is obvious
Does a child have the right to know who their biological father is.

For health reasons Its import that a child's biological father is on record if there is a history of diseases

Men in a marriage environment leaning that they are fathering another mans child.

Unknowingly making Payments to the CSA for the care of another mans child.

The infidelity issue.

The list is endless,so should the truth be out,or swept under the carpet,and avoid what may be irreparable damage to relationships.

  jakimo 11:47 01 Feb 2011

I should add they are sold in kit form,for those concerned about privacy,you will not have to take the test at the store counter

  peter99co 11:49 01 Feb 2011

This man's father was my father's son.

Who is it?

  Chegs ®™ 11:52 01 Feb 2011

I can't see any problems with this,apart from giving Jeremy Kyle's show extra victims.

  robgf 12:04 01 Feb 2011

"This man's father was my father's son.

Who is it?"

Either your son. Or nephew if you are speaking as a brother, or sister.

  jakimo 12:08 01 Feb 2011

@I can't see any problems with this,apart from giving Jeremy Kyle's show extra victims@

Your answer is plain silly,its obvious that you don't understand the implications it could raise,

watching to much rubbish on television can numb ones thinking processes

  spuds 12:09 01 Feb 2011

Considering that some fathers are not at all interested in their offspring, then paternity kits might a negative effect in some quarters?.

Perhaps looking at this from a funny angle, I wonder how many kids or adults will be in the local pub or bookies, collecting saliva samples from beer glasses and cigarette butts?.

  jakimo 13:19 01 Feb 2011

'If someone is willing to pay out the £150 plus for this test there must already be suspicion in the relationship.'

Aren't you stating the obvious

  jakimo 13:35 01 Feb 2011

Rather than deviating, why not answer the questions being asked by many listeners that were phoning a radio programme this morning, unless you are not qualified to express your opinion

  peter99co 16:08 01 Feb 2011

I thought it was very appropriate. Fathers and Sons?

  userious? 16:25 01 Feb 2011

Bought two already.

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