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  tell 02:06 10 Sep 2005

Hi folks, I have written a book and want to print it out myself at home, having failed to find any software to do this, I decided to ask if any one out there knows of a software prog that will print a book (aprox 240 pages) thanks in advance

  Pesala 06:23 10 Sep 2005

click here

The free version will be adequate for what you need.

  jack 09:03 10 Sep 2005

What WP prog do you use?

MS Word/Office 97/2000 has enough DTP capability.
Indeed as a simple WP program MSWord in all its forms is overloaded with features.
Columns, Frames page layouts it is all there.

  Diemmess 12:14 11 Sep 2005

Taking your word that you intend to print the hard copy at home....... I endorse jack's comment that Word has everything you need, including handling long documents without "going slow" as well as indexing and page numbering.

I expect you have already thought about binding? If its not too obvious to point out, (book binding may be your work or hobby,) I assume you will have to use a spiral binder for separate sheets, otherwise you will have to do a bit of head scratching on the page sequencing for a formal stitched hard cover.

[Any illustrations can be placed in Word, with either a textbox or even a table cell.]

  jack 14:38 11 Sep 2005

Book binding is of course an art in its self
[After 8 ytears of courses and exams- my youngest daughter wound up as a craft bookbinder with the British library]
However here are some tips.
Print single sheets and have them spiral bound at home or by your local print shop] this is the simplest way by printing odd pages flipping them them printing evens.
At home if you have the means [ a workshop or shed] you could try your hand at perfect binding.

You will need a tub of PVA glue[from Wicks]
2 pieces of ply to page size wrapped in polythene A large vice.
Carefully 'knock up' the pages to give square edges. place extra plain sheets back and front
place between the two boards with the spine just proud and load into the vice clamp the vice to medium tighness- with a paint brush loaded with glue well coat the spine working between the pages
slip the whole lot down ,so the spine is well in the vice and clamp up tight
Leave over night.
Next day give another good coat and lay over this a strip of cloth/bandage working the glue into it to dry.
The cover can be wrapped around this and glued in when ready.
Take a magazine catalogue apart to see how it works.

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