Bonnet release on a Renault Clio Campus...where?

  p;3 18:49 16 May 2009

I am temporarily using a Renault Clio Campus car and have located most of the required knobs and controls but the bonnet release button/catch/lever location remains a mystery; it is not under the driver's seat nor anywhere that I can see on the driver's side of the car so can anyone tell me where I might look to find it and what kind of lever I am seeking ?
My Google search was not very helpful either , bringing up info on bonnets flying off and injuring people...not very helpful!!
Thanks :)

  Forum Editor 19:00 16 May 2009

under the front of the bonnet.

There have been many problems with these catches, so it might be worth cleaning and lubricating the retention mechanism once you've got the bonnet open.

  wiz-king 19:53 16 May 2009

On the Renault 5 Campus it is under the glove box on the passenger side but you have to almost stand on your head to see it!

  wiz-king 19:56 16 May 2009

The leave under the golve box opens the bonnet catch and allows the bonnet to lift about 2cm and then there is a lever under the front of the bonnet to allow it to open fully.

  wiz-king 20:08 16 May 2009

"During the visit to **** ****** 3 unprepared vehicles of approximately the same age were
examined, and the condition of the bonnet release, safety, and main catches inspected. In all
cases photographs were taken. During the inspection, I was assisted by the Workshop
It was noted that, the main bonnet release lever was located on the nearside front kick panel.
It was further noted that the lever was recessed, presumably to prevent inadvertent operation,
perhaps by foot contact."

From click here

  birdface 11:50 17 May 2009

Just a warning.The daughter received a crucial repair notification from Renault regarding unsafe bonnet catch.The bonnet catch was not closing properly on them and was a danger when driving.She has to go to the garage for a free upgrade to the system. now the actual model number of the Renault I am not sure.But a small car and I will ask her when I see her next.

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