Bomb blast at School in Italy

  birdface 11:36 19 May 2012

A bomb blast at the School kills one pupil and injures others.

The finger of suspicion is pointing at the Maffia

What a cowardly act to pick on schoolchildren.

It seems schools in Italy are open on Saturday's

  birdface 11:07 20 May 2012


  birdface 13:49 20 May 2012

Looks like it may not have been the mafia after all, but they have not mentioned who they suspect yet.

looks like the earthquake they had in Italy this morning did a considerable amount of damage with only 6 lives lost so far.

  daz60 19:13 20 May 2012

may not have been

speculation could be rife given the proximity of the explosion to a "mafia" trial and terrorist atrocities in Italy since the 70's are not what they seem considering the 'alliance' between the far right, statist elements and criminal organisations,not forgetting the Gladio network which may still be in operation regardless of the end of the so called Cold War.

It has been pointed out that the school is named after a famous attorney who was assassinated by the mafiosa a number of years ago,a symbolic and tragic assault on the public's burgeoning anti criminal demonstrations.

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