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  ShalafiStudios 10:20 21 Mar 2006

I’m a amateur developer and pondering greater things is my forte, I recently found a project that couldn’t be done in my first language, VB and this led me onto thinking about Artificial Intelligence and a discussion I had with my IT teacher several years ago, just don’t ask how that train of thought works.

I remember him saying something about when a human being learns something new, new neural passageways are created in the brain and since I’ve started learning C++ with its structure of source files and header files I came up with an interesting way of emulating this expanding learning curve.

The application would have a basic set of instructions that would form its interface and then a series of compile-able read/write source files that would form its ‘brain’. The program itself would be able to edit these when it ‘learnt’ something new.

When asked a question it would search these source files for the question and give the appropriate answer. However, if this question is not in the database the application would record it and ask for an answer from the user. The answer would also be added to the source files, it may be possible to use parameters to check for spelling deviations and the like.

Periodically the entity would be forced to revert to its ‘sleep’ state where the entity would return to its basic state and call a compiler that would compile all the edited source files and these would be the ones that would be used in future to interface with humans.

I am aware of ALICE and the other Pandora-bots I have spent several hours with ALICE and her source code and agree, that while crude in a way, these entities are great improvements in the field of AI.

I accept this is nothing like human intelligence just an idea, but it is the only way I can think to make a machine ‘learn’. I would like the communities’ feedback on the concept. Furthermore, if anyone knows of any existing project that is similar from this idea, I would like to know as it would be fascinating to investigate any such creations. Even better would to hear from a project team that is working on this sort of thing at present.

Any way the ramblings of an amateur programmer, thank you for your time and for reading this.

Note: After writing I have realised that it may be possible to use a simple Data Access application to create this entity, may be…

  watchful 18:24 21 Mar 2006

I don't know anything about this but did a Google and came up with several info. sites. You may already know all this but one of them is: click here Other interested people may want to read up on it.

  Forum Editor 19:12 21 Mar 2006

Well, modesty obviously isn't.

There are many teams working on artificial intelligence - I imagine most of the big software companies have a project of some kind on the go, but I doubt that it represents the main thrust of their R&D policy.

Twenty years ago, AI was all the rage, and there was a lot of talk about the brave new world of intelligent, 'learning' devices. That was then - nowadays I think we've realised that the future is not going to be populated with learning 'entities' created by man. In fifty years time we're going to be far more concerned about how to fuel our homes,vehicles and lifestyles without totally destroying our environment than we are about neural networks and machines that can beat everyone at chess.

My advice is to divert your software development skills into more practical areas, and stop pondering greater things - leave that to philosophers, it's their job.

  rmcqua 19:53 21 Mar 2006

Well said, FE.

  DieSse 22:47 21 Mar 2006

I see you're not an optimist then


  GANDALF <|:-)> 22:56 21 Mar 2006

I am impressed by your belief in your own self-importance; the rest of the speech was a random selection of unrelated paragraphs culled from the New Scientist and consequently defied any logical interpretation. I am bewildered.


  wolfie3000 02:25 22 Mar 2006

I think the film industry has jaded people to A.I.

With such films as I.Robot and A.I. and terminator.

but i remain optimistic about it nothings inpossible if you want it badly enough.

People thought that going to the moon, breaking the sound barrier and mapping the human gene-ome (sorry for the mis spell)
was impossible but we did it.

  watchful 07:41 22 Mar 2006

'Pondering greater things' is my forte too but I tend to keep quiet about it because no-one else is interested.:0(

  DrScott 08:18 22 Mar 2006

I think actually teaching a computer to learn isn't actually that tricky - in a way autocorrect for Word is similar.

The trick is for a computer to work out what is relevant and accurate input, and what can be discarded. Human babies are phenomenal in this aspect, especially in the area of language acquisition - they hear so many mistakes and silly words, as well as grammatical errors, yet still manage to talk coherently at an early age.

Given that we still don't fully understand how the human mind works in this respect, I think we're more than a little way off developing meaningful AI.

And seriously, 'pondering greater things is my forte'?! I sincerely hope there was a typo there and you're not really that arrogant!

  bluto1 23:24 22 Mar 2006

I disagree with your attack on ShalafiStudios.
Yes there are other great minds studying/ pondering AI, but who are you or we to suggest that he/she should divert their skills to something different and leave such thoughts to philosophers "whose job it is". I love this forum and I never expected to read such arrogant rubbish on it.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 23:29 22 Mar 2006

'I love this forum and I never expected to read such arrogant rubbish on it.'...that would be the first post then?


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