Bobbies on the beat

  pj123 19:25 10 Nov 2008

Anyone seen any of these on their streets?

I moved from Croydon to Norwich in 1989 and I have never seen a bobby on the beat in Norwich.

[URL=click here][IMG]click here[/IMG][/URL]
[URL=click here][IMG]click here[/IMG][/URL]

  NORFOLK SPARKY 19:34 10 Nov 2008

I live in Norwich and have seen them on the beat. Perhaps you live in a crime free area.

  oresome 19:51 10 Nov 2008

I see lots of them..........but not in trouble spots, where they tend to fly past in the panda car looking the other way.

  pj123 20:01 10 Nov 2008

NORFOLK SPARKY, "Perhaps you live in a crime free area"

Why should that make a difference?

I live in Hellesdon but I used to work in a problem area where if you leave your car unattended for more than ten minites your wheels have gone.

There was still no Police presence.

  pj123 20:05 10 Nov 2008

oresome, I am talking about the police in those silly helmets that walk around the streets (as in the picture)

  oresome 20:21 10 Nov 2008


What did you think I was talking about?

They're particularly prevalent at watering holes e.g. company canteens that provide free refreshments.

You've to understand there feeding habits to capture sight of them.

  laurie53 20:33 10 Nov 2008

I have lived opposite a police station since '91.

I can still count on my fingers the number of times I have seen uniformed policemen on foot.

Straight around the back in car or van and in through the back door. Same coming out.

  Legolas 21:44 10 Nov 2008

The bobbyonthebeatimus scarcitus is a very rare animal and only seen on very rare occasions. Although scarcely seen in public they are seen aplenty in the local den where they congregate in great numbers.

On the other hand their more common cousins the bobbyinthecarimus plentyus is seen in most built up locals.

Both are very wary of strangers and can be very hard to approach.

  ronalddonald 07:50 11 Nov 2008

is they patrol day time only what about evenings

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