Blue Badge Scheme

  lucky1 21:35 12 Apr 2011

On renewing my wife's blue badge today I found that our local council now charges £20 for this. It was free before. Is this just a local thing to us (Falkirk Council) or is it the same nationwide now?

  john 52 19:35 13 Apr 2011

It was suggested that there is no reason why disabled people cannot pay for there parking but could the same not be said for people over a certain age getting free prescriptions, free bus travel or heating allowance The Blue badge system is abused by a small majority of people but too many people it is the difference between being able to go to the shops or an event or not and many people would swap there disability and free parking to live a normal life

  peter99co 20:42 13 Apr 2011

John 52

many people would swap their disability and free parking to live a normal life.

You are not wrong! If only.

  GJC60 22:13 13 Apr 2011

Southampton Council charges £2.00 for new/re-newal of badges. I agree with hssutton on his point, ouside my mates he has a 4 spaces disabled bay and one woman always parks taking up 2 spaces, also taxi drivers in Southampton seem to think they are just extra spaces for them to park/pick up/drop off on and nothing is ever done about them.

  Bingalau 08:44 14 Apr 2011

I know the blue badge can be used in Germany and probably other European countries too. But I suppose all countries have different rules about times etc. However I think the rules in Germany are the same wherever you go in the country. I've never parked in other countries on the way there, as I only normally stop in service centres. The rules could do with standardising in the U.K.

  morddwyd 09:16 14 Apr 2011

The Blue Badge is an EU badge (it used to be orange when it was UK only) and can be used throughout the EU, subject to regional variations.

I wouldn't like to have to abide by English rules.

I understand that parking is time limited to 3 hours.

By the time I have put the sill protectors in place, lined up the ramps, unchained the scooter, got it out and moved it via the nearest pavement drop (anything up to two hundred yards or more) to the passenger door, folded and stowed the ramps, removed the sill protector, fitted the backrest to the scooter, lifted my wife onto the seat and settled her a good bit of that period, usually 20 - 30 minutes, has already elapsed.

You then have to dash around getting your shopping done in a rush because reversing the process takes even longer, maybe 45 minutes.

Might not seem a short time to many of us, but for those of us who are not male an hour to do a day's shopping is a gross breach of human rights!

  spuds 12:59 15 Apr 2011

"I understand that parking is time limited to 3 hours".

Usually referred to as 'Waiting' in legal terms, and not 'Parking'.

All depends on the regulations and lines plus nearby signs. Can vary to unloading/loading only, no waiting, times on signs or local enforcement and roadworks (no waiting cone, diversions etc?).

Best to check before leaving the vehicle and doing the tasks ahead.

Another point well worth considering is that any blue badge is not an entitlement, its basically a privilege for use. Some disabled people having and using a 'blue badge' might at times forget this!.

  morddwyd 20:55 15 Apr 2011

I thought "waiting" and "Parking" were two different terms legally.

Blue badge parking is permitted in any area, and at any time, where "Loading/Unloading" is permitted, except where such loading/unloading takes place in a specifically dedicated area, subject always, of course, to not causing an obstruction.

  peter99co 22:03 12 Apr 2011

From the maximum fee a local authority can charge for a Blue Badge will increase from £2 to £10

Blue badge website

  Nontek 22:05 12 Apr 2011

My recent renewal cost me £2 - Cheshire Council.

  peter99co 22:06 12 Apr 2011

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