rdave13 23:29 29 Oct 2008

Reading this Blog it doesn't look good for it; click here

  GRIDD 23:46 29 Oct 2008

Blurays cost more than double a DVD.

My £50 upscaling DVD player outputs video just as good, if not better (in appearance anyway, IMO) than the couple of blurays I've watched on the PS3.

  rdave13 00:02 30 Oct 2008

I've no idea what 'upscaling DVD player' means. Seems I'm not up on technology. As for Blue-ray I have no interest in it because my bog standard DVD player and 32" Sony CRT telly gives a quality that is excellent. Clear 'glass-like' images and I don't feel the need to go for 'hi-tech' equipment at the mo'.

  GRIDD 08:40 30 Oct 2008


You can't dismiss my opinion by just laughing at it.

fourm member

You are dead right in that it's the buyer's opinion that counts.


Upscaling means it takes standard video and outputs it 1080p.

My set up is the Philips DVP 5980, my TV is a Toshiba 42XV505D, a PS3 and V+ all connected via £4.99 HDMI cables.

.....and I stand by what I said upscaled DVD is the same (to my wife and I, at least) quality of picture as bluray.

I can't justify spending £15 to £25 on a bluray version of the movie when the DVD is less than a tenner.

  GRIDD 09:26 30 Oct 2008

My eyes were tested a couple of months back - nothing wrong with my vision.

I'll retract my "if not better" claim and I wan to re-enforce "outputs video just as good" statement.

Upscaled DVD is quite acceptable as HD to the majority of people - that you cannot argue with. Sales say it alone.

  GRIDD 09:31 30 Oct 2008

I don't think they tech is dead. Just stating why bluray movies are not selling well....

  GRIDD 09:44 30 Oct 2008

Rather than side by side (I can't afford 2 HDTVs) I have done it bluray then dvd and vice versa and struggled to tell the difference. My tests were done on the same title on BR and DVD..... which led me to continue buying in DVD format rather than BR.

  donki 09:44 30 Oct 2008

I dont have Blue Ray but a friend of mine does and on his 50" Samsung it blows DVD out of the water. THe clarity and depth of picture is astounding. I have BBC's Planet Earth on DVD which looks very good but on BR its astounding.

I will look into the upscaling ans see if I see a difference as I would be very intrested.

  donki 09:50 30 Oct 2008

click here

Seems to me if you already have an HD TV an upscaling DVD player will give little benifit as HD TV's will automatically upscale signals recieved to fit their screen.

But all that aside if your happy that's what counts.

  rick808 19:48 31 Oct 2008

Just a comment on the article in the OP - did anyone notice what the writer does for a living - "Robin Harris has been selling and marketing data storage for over 20 years"
I wonder if someone in his line of work would benefit from the death of physical media and a quicker move over to digital distribution??

  rick808 19:55 31 Oct 2008

"I don't think they tech is dead. Just stating why bluray movies are not selling well...."

Think you will find that BR is selling pretty much on par with what DVD did in it's first two years and is likely to have it's first million seller a good 10 - 11 months before DVD did. Do people not remember when DVD was in it's infancy and all the exact same things were said how it would never surpass VHS???

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