Bloody Post Office :-)

  Kev.Ifty 22:59 23 Nov 2007

My Wife - for the umpteenth time tells me "the post office is rubbish". Why? Because she has come home to find a note saying "We tried to deliver etc...."

When she phones the number on the card there is no answer and if she goes to the office the "Van has not got back yet" is the usual reply

She has requested parcels to be delivered to our local PO. but it seems you have to do this each time.

The old Boy a few doors up has in the past taken some parcels for us which is a great help.

Would it be a good idea for parcel force to have a data base of 'secondary' delivery addresses in our areas? People, such as retired old people or those that are at home all day, could register as Postal Receivers'.

When a body orders something online or whatever they can nominate a local 'Receiver' and maybe pay an extra 50p say, to have their delivery left locally, should they not be at home. Saving the hassle of visiting the sorting office and giving a small income to a willing participant.

What do you think?


  spuds 00:15 24 Nov 2007


Apologies for perhaps making a correction, the Post Office do not deliver mail, Royal Mail and ParcelForce do, and even those are two different companies.

Regarding leaving mail at someone else's address, Royal Mail (so they tell me) have very strict rules about this. Their delivery people are not allowed to do this, including following instructions posted on doors and in windows etc. I have a written arrangement regarding leaving mail and parcels elsewhere, the local Royal Mail new management stated that I hadn't and couldn't possibly have this agreement, after one replacement driver refused to leave an urgent parcel via instructions. Funny really, when I produced a signed agreement from an higher level management structure, open mouths all round!!.

The local management then apologised, stating that due to a refurbishment and restructuring exercise, my agreement posted on their sorting frames had been lost.

  eddie wee 00:17 24 Nov 2007

Re-Delivery Online,To your address, To Another Address in Same Post Code, Or to a local Post Office.

click here

Use it all the time, Postie comes too early.

  Kev.Ifty 00:32 24 Nov 2007

You are correct about the Post Office per se. Do you not think the Company overall should look to us - the users for suggestions for improvements?

If they.. what I call the Post Office. The people that deliver my post. If they want to compete with UPS and the like. They should at least try to look for and actively pursue improvements that suit the domestic customer.

They ain't going to survive without us.

  Kev.Ifty 00:37 24 Nov 2007

My Wife ask the bloke on the phone 'can we arrange a delivery to our neighbour' and the Bloke said "no"!!

I will get the Wife on to him.

I feel sorry for the poor bloke already lol.


  spuds 01:11 24 Nov 2007


The problem regarding customers is going to increase, with the closures of Post Offices and collection points. TNT who have a licence to collect and deliver mail (mainly bulk) stated at the beginning that they would have their own delivery (posties) people. After two trailed attempts (one in Scotland and one in England on a very local basis), they gave up I believe.

Some companies are now setting up Poste de Resistance ( is that spelt right!) facilities at petrol stations, large stores and similar outlets. Even the Royal Mail will now leave your items at your nearest local Post Office for you to collect for a 50pence fee on each item.My personal opinion is that in a few years time, we will not longer have doorstep facilities, or even Post Offices.Reading a report the other day, PayPoint is taking a lot of the bill paying facilities off the Post Office.

In my particular area, we had a massive cut in Post Offices within the past two years. We have just been informed that 30 more are for the axe within the next few weeks. I feel very sorry for some of these postmasters. One in our area as been told that he as to close, and that is after he as recently spent £60.000 on a refurbishment of his property. A petition of 500 people and growing isn't going to make any difference, in saving his livelihood.It as been decided from higher up, that he is due for closure, and that is what will happen.

  laurie53 08:07 24 Nov 2007

Just to show there is another side, I have never had any trouble with Royal Mail/Parcelforce. Sometimes left with a neighbour, sometimes in the porch, sometimes local office pick up.

Now DHL have never managed to deliver a parcel to me. They either leave a premium rate number, or a depot address which is 100 mile round trip.

One one occasion, when we were in the back garden, they actually came into the house to leave their card on the table!

Like many other things, it depends on the mood/nature of your local operatives - it shouldn't, but it does.

  Forum Editor 08:10 24 Nov 2007

He recently left a package containing some important business documents on my doorstep in the rain when he couldn't get a response.

  Mike D 12:39 26 Nov 2007

One City Link man was accosted by me when he left a card without bothering to ring the bell (I happened to be gardening at the time). His answer was that he did not have the time to deliver that day! He was not amused when I requested him to open his van and give me the parcel.


  Seth Haniel 12:53 26 Nov 2007

would only deliver to home address - the said if I faxed letter head they would deliver to works. address asked about Saturday delivery = £25.00 so arranged Monday today deliver at work.

So it arrives at home on Saturday for normal £10 delivery charge ;)

  pj123 17:44 26 Nov 2007

Got a good arrangement with my Postie.

Put it through the dog flap in the back door.

Never failed yet.

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