Blair aide arrested

  MichelleC 12:40 21 Jan 2007

Ruth Turner, one of Blair's closest aides was arrested at her home at dawn on Friday on suspicion of trying to cover up the sale of honours to Labour party donors. click here

Lord Puttnam (who'd been ennobled by Blair) savaged the police for this type of arrest. Two other Blair 'cronies', Lord Levy and Sir Christopher Evans, who had previously been arrested, had been invited to go to police stations.

Oh dear, there seems to be lots of 'Lords aleaping' going on. The net appears to be slowly closing.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:46 21 Jan 2007

Glad to see that Plod have really gone OTT this time. Why they could not have done it quietly defeats me. A group of travelling actors would be a better description for Plod sometimes.


  DrScott 12:59 21 Jan 2007

what happened to the Tories before Blair got in. It looks like the longer you stay in power, the more the corruption settles in...

I suspect the police have their reasons for making it oh so very public :)

  spuds 13:15 21 Jan 2007

Justice always starts with the foot soldiers ;O)

  johndrew 13:33 21 Jan 2007

I`m not certain it was the police that put this arrest into the public domain. Generally they keep a relatively low profile unless - as in the recent murder case in Suffolk - they need to instill public calm and confidence.

My guess is that `the six-o-clock knock` was very unappreciated by the person in question so she complained to her `contacts` who immediately tried to politicise it.

Also when someone is arrested in their home without any notice it gives police the opportunity to search for additional evidence without the subject being arrested having the chance to `sanitise` their surroundings. All sorts of evidence has been brought to light in this way as many people think that such material can be `safely` hidden at home and they will have time to dispose of it when they see the `hit` coming. Whether this is such a case remains to be seen, but police do not arrest people without reason - unless of course our State has change dramatically recently!!!????

  bremner 14:02 21 Jan 2007

You are quite right. Todays Telegraphs makes interesting reading
click here;jsessionid=G4Z1QF3K0XWJBQFIQMGCFFOAVCBQUIV0?xml=/news/2007/01/21/npeers21.xml

  The Brigadier 15:02 21 Jan 2007

Labour or the Tories it does not matter sleaze always comes to the surface.
Why not have every 5 years Labour, then Tories then Lib Dems & then a mix of OMRLP/Greens/Miss Wiplash in power.
So each party gets 5 years then waits for another 15 before getting back into power??

  Forum Editor 15:03 21 Jan 2007

Because a system like that couldn't possibly be good for the country.

  microcoder 15:24 21 Jan 2007

Well done iPlod , zoom in more and chip away ,'till' we hear screaming.

Those MP3s need a good re-boot-up after worming their cdway in .
Especially as it's all down to the help from the genuine walk-man.

  johndrew 16:44 21 Jan 2007

`Why not have every 5 years........`

And not particularly democratic either. In such a system you might as well keep the same functionaries and change their group title each `period` thus producing a `junta` by any other name.

If you changed the functionaries each 5 years where would the continuity be? Each successive group would simply undo the work of the previous or modify to suit their policies. Eventually each group would become totally ineffectual as each would expect its work to be removed/damaged/destroyed/compromised.

  Al94 18:14 21 Jan 2007

Our present system is totally undemocratic, won't be until we have proportional representaion.

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