Shopgirl 16:49 20 Mar 2011

I would like your views on The Great British Resort. In my opinion Blackpool has deteriorated over the past ten years.
The streets were kept clean in the past.
It is getting like a mini Vagas along the sea front.
I had a good friend who had a hotel there.She also noticed a big change to the place.She no longer lives there.
Looking forward to reading your views.

  ukpostcode 17:06 20 Mar 2011

And going by the cops with camera tv program the place has become a mecca for hen & stag trips.
Lots of places to drink, dance, eat & A&E does good business on weekends!

  Forum Editor 17:09 20 Mar 2011

I lectured at a training centre in Lytham St Annes on many occasions, and we used to go into Blackpool for a bit of R&R in the evenings. We had a great time then, and I'm sorry to hear the place has gone downhill.

Usually that happens when a resort loses some of its appeal, and consequently some of its revenue stream,and I imagine that's the case where Blackpool is concerned. It's the people that make the place, so they say.

  Aitchbee 17:10 20 Mar 2011

But it can rise again.

I haven't been there but I hope it pulls up it's socks.

  spuds 17:35 20 Mar 2011

Use to make a pilgrimage to the Illuminations nearly every year, in my later life. It began to go down hill rapidly, and when hotels and boarding houses started to have for sale notices outside, as well as vacancies, or change of management. Then you know something is going wrong.

There was a documentary on the other month about British resorts, and Blackpool was part of the programme. The people involved were saying that the council were making 'improvements' to attract more people.

But how can you compete with a tatty hotel,rain, cold sea breeze evenings, to that of a quick jet flight to a warm clean foreign resort, costing about the same price?.

The days of the 'kiss me quick' hats might be over, but again, they might not ;o)

  Bingalau 19:38 20 Mar 2011

Didn't the government put a stop to a plan to make Blackpool into a Las Vegas like copy? That was going to enliven the whole place and bring back the good old days or even better days than the good old days.

  sunnystaines 19:50 20 Mar 2011

blackpool is not alone just look at the dreadful state of other seaside resorts that have gone downhill like brighton and hastings. newquay is slowly sinking too

  wee eddie 04:01 21 Mar 2011

That is not really correct.

The streets were not covered in litter, drink cans and Fast Food containers, dropped by inconsiderate holidaymakers and partying youngsters.

  Quickbeam 08:03 21 Mar 2011

I haven't been there for 25 years and even then I thought it was an over the hill dump.

  Chegs ®™ 10:27 21 Mar 2011

I delivered many stag/hen parties to Blackpool when I ran taxis.I also had an Aunt lived in Lytham St-Annes so family visits to Blackpool were common.I also "lost" my car on a visit there shortly after passing my driving test(parked just off the promenade,noted the church on the end of the street and walked down to the Pleasure beach,on my return I was disheartened to find nearly every street in the area had a church at its end so spent hours walking up and down various streets,even asking strangers if they'd seen a big black car along each street lol)These days I only ever visit Blackpool to view the Illuminations & its been several years since I did.As has already been said "why visit a cold/wet grotty spot like Blackpool when for the same money you could travel abroad"

  Bingalau 10:46 21 Mar 2011

I have actually had a few good weekends in Blackpool over the last five years. They have been in good company though usually in the form of ex-service-mens' re-unions. The Guards Club sells a good pint. The big fort-like hotel about two miles north of Blackpool does good deals for groups. So providing you pick a good hotel it is possible to enjoy yourself. Mind you I can enjoy myself anywhere if I am in the right company. Sunshine in abundance is not for me as I suffer from skin cancer and do my best to keep out of it. I've had my fill of the tropics too.

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