Blackberrys (not the edible kind)

  Si_L 00:20 11 Jul 2007

I was wondering if anyone on here owned one? Are they good? I have never used one, and a friend of our family needs a device for email. Is the email easy to use/set up. Is it free also?

Any comments are helpful, thanks

  Kate B 00:22 11 Jul 2007

I haven't got one but I'd quite like one.

  Forum Editor 00:29 11 Jul 2007

You can have mine. I used it for one week - long enough to discover that it was without doubt the most infuriating device I have ever come across. It was consigned to the 'seemed like a good idea at the time' cupboard in my office, and has been there ever since. Just say the word.

My Nokia 800 on the other hand.........

  Si_L 00:32 11 Jul 2007

Why did you not get along with it? What were the issues?

  Kate B 00:34 11 Jul 2007

Stick it in the post, please! I'm afraid I'm wedded to my email - I'm freelance so it's really important. My host went down for a few hours today and I struggled without it - I'm working on a feature and my inbox was expecting a load of information for it.

  Forum Editor 00:53 11 Jul 2007

I need to clarify a couple of points at this stage.

My Blackberry came to me from my mobile phone company (T-mobile), and yes, I had to pay an extra charge per month for the mail service.

In essence what happened was that my email was pushed to my Blackberry from a T-Mobile server, which in turn went off and retrieved it from my POP mailbox. It did this very rapidly - sometimes a message arrived seconds after it was sent.

All messages were left on the POP server, so when I went back to the ranch and fired up my computer, there they were, all over again.

I receive lots of emails every day, and when I'm out I want to choose when to collect my mail - I don't want it rammed down my throat every few seconds by my phone. I was paying an extra charge on my phone account for the Blackberry service, and I wasn't enjoying the experience, so I cancelled.

Now I have a Nokia 800, and things are far better. I can get my mail whenever I have access to a wireless network, or I can use my Bluetooth phone. It's all done over the internet, just as when using a computer, and it takes only a few seconds, so costs are low. There's certainly no montly charge - I just pay the cost of the quick call to receive and send email. In addition I have 2Gb of file storage on the Nokia, plus a contacts list, a web browser, a calculator, and a basic word processor. The screen is a generous size and crystal clear, and I can get 12 hours continuous use from one battery charge. It's not a phone, but I have one of those, so I'm not bothered. The Nokia is slim enough to go into a shirt pocket, and is beautifully made - it has a solid feel about it.

The down side? It costs £279 but it's worth every penny as far as I'm concerned.

  Forum Editor 00:54 11 Jul 2007

You're welcome to it, but be warned, it's a T-Mobile branded Blackberry. You might not be able to use it with another network.

If you want it, send me an address, and it's yours.

  acxxxx 01:11 11 Jul 2007

I think Si_L is toying with the idea of using a mobile just to sent and recieve emails

click here

I use an o2 mini xda and its ok for this but I thought a blackberry may be better as I understood it was invented with just this in mind.

Si_L you need to stick to one post this is getting confusing

  [email protected] 05:59 11 Jul 2007

You're welcome to it, but be warned, it's a T-Mobile branded Blackberry. You might not be able to use it with another network.

Should kate B decline,Im a T-Mobile customer and would welcome the addition


  crosstrainer 07:21 11 Jul 2007

I have recently gone down the O2 route with an xda, similar features to the Blackberry, wi-fi, Bluetooth, even satnav 800 mins talk time free email, 1000 texts per month Windows Mobile (Excel, Word, Powerpoint etc.) easy to use, and very reliable...My tariff (including a genourous allocation of Internet time) is £40.00 a month.

click here

  interzone55 08:50 11 Jul 2007

I had a blackberry for a few weeks as a trial and found it infuriating...

The device was excellent click here, not much bigger than my usual Nokia phone, and the phone bit was nice, my problem was the email.

Like FE my email was pushed to my phone, which is good during the day, but when the MD sends emails at night, then complains the next day that you didn't answer the email straight away, it becomes a problem.

Our company trialed 6 of them for a month, but as the IT guy was a friendly chap, I persuaded him to send them back, we explained to the MD that the data charges were too high and that we should just go back to mobile phones and using laptops for email via Wifi hotspots etc

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