Blackberry & PCA

  pauldonovan 10:08 04 Jan 2006


I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the forum works on the blackberry's built-in browser - a rarity in that many sites do not.

Not sure if this is by design or by accident but either way I'm very happy about it as I can get emails to say posts have been replied to, then connect to check them all while on the train (either that or read the paper and drink coffee!).



  watchful 13:29 04 Jan 2006

Sounds like a drink! Best hot on a morning like this.

  Forum Editor 18:46 04 Jan 2006

We knew that lots of our members use Blackberries - many of my business clients do, and we wanted them to be able to see our forums.

  pauldonovan 21:04 04 Jan 2006

..if only I could login from the blackberry browser and post it would be the icing on the cake.

  Forum Editor 23:13 04 Jan 2006

from my HP PDA.

  pauldonovan 08:00 05 Jan 2006

Err I'm pleased for you but I'm talking about a blackberry, they are not the same and to my knowledge don't share the same browser, and whilst it is excellent I can view posts it would complete the experience if I could login and post.

Was this left out by design?

  watchful 08:12 05 Jan 2006

are very prickly and you have to handle them with great care when selecting them at source :o)

  jack 14:33 05 Jan 2006

When I read the Sunday Heavey and that weeks top busiessman interviewee is ask what is your favouite gadget - the inevitable reply is My Blackberry

er what is a Blackberry?

The only sort I know about are the ones the missus makes me go pick in the autumn and rip myself to pieces in the process.

  pauldonovan 14:50 05 Jan 2006

They have become known as 'Crackberries' due to the fact that they are addictive.

Blackberry is a small device like:

click here

which provides 'push' email. Typically when you are mobile in the past email was 'pull' i.e. you had to dial-up and get it. If you send me an email and I have my blackberry with me, it will vibrate to let me know and the email will be sat on screen waiting for me to read. It synchronises with corporate email and calendaring systems.

They are great for people who are out and about - sales forces, executives etc.

Interestingly, you get more pictures of these devices than you do pictures of fruit on the first page of google images search !!!!

  Forum Editor 17:44 05 Jan 2006

actually I was aware of the difference between a Blackberry and a PDA - I've used a Blackberry for a long time.

The point of my post was to make the point - that you can access the forum via your PDA.

  pauldonovan 17:51 05 Jan 2006

Suggested by its placement that it was in response to my comment regarding posting on a blackberry. I don't have a PDA and the post wasn't about one. Looks like I'd better get one if I want to post to the forums though!

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