Bit rich from GB

  lofty29 09:14 17 Oct 2008

I see from the newspapers G.Bown is ranting at the petrol companies for not brining the prices down quick enough, seeing as a large chunk of the price is tax I think thats a bit rich, and what about the energy companies ripping us off.

  [email protected] 10:02 17 Oct 2008

i thought exactly the same thing when i read it.

  johndrew 10:06 17 Oct 2008

Given that it appears GB believes he can do no wrong and that everyone else is wrong, that would make him right, wouldn`t it??? ;-)

  birdface 11:13 17 Oct 2008

I would imagine when the fuel prices come down then all prices should come down including the energy companies charges.It looks like it does not matter what Gordon Brown does or says there will always be someone not happy with him.It is not just a UK problem but a Worldwide problem.I think that the fuel prices have been held very high and should probably have come down a bit sooner.So a little jolt in the right direction from G.B always helps.[Just noticed [GB,Gordon Brown.]GB, Great Britain.] Just call him Mr Great Britain then.

  Cymro. 11:59 17 Oct 2008

As buteman has suggested Gordon Brown just can`t win.
We all want petrol prices to come down a.s.a.p. but when he says the petrol companies are slow to do so he get`s criticised.

Would you prefer for him to say nothing and jut let the petrol companies go on charging what they like?

  birdface 12:00 17 Oct 2008

Well although the prices were dropping for fuel some garages were dragging there heals in reducing there prices.Now that Asdas and all the other Supermarkets have dropped there prices other garages are now following.Now the problem is most of those supermarkets were cashing in on the fuel prices to put all there prices up and were making huge profits even though they were loosing a lot of custom to smaller shops.This is probably there way of getting their customers back.But to late for me I will still shop around as they do not deserve my custom and I am sure others will do the same.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:02 17 Oct 2008

This comes at a time when the Government needs as much tax revenue as possible as they are well skint and in hock. It does not take an economic genius to work out what will happen shortly.


  Chegs ®™ 12:10 17 Oct 2008

Morrisons are selling petrol @ 99.9p here,BP were supposed to be following but its not changed on the forecourt. :(

  Cymro. 12:27 17 Oct 2008

Forty miles down the road from me there is more than one supermarket that sells petrol. They are forever trying to keep up with each other by having the cheapest priced petrol.

In my own town there is only the one supermarket that also sells petrol (Tesco). It is always several days behind the Tesco supermarket in the other town when reducing it`s petrol prices. In fact this also seems to apply to other products it sells.

So no doubt that a well organised supermarket company like Tesco checks out the prices of it`s competitors not just nationally but locally and adjusts it`s own prices accordingly. Competition can indeed be a good thing for the consumer.

  wids001 13:59 17 Oct 2008

Good on Gordon Brown - He is now listening to the man in the street and doing someting about it. We all know that when oil goes up petrol goes up immediately. Yet when oil comes down ..... The press have highlighted this and many many people have complained of being ripped off by the petrol suppliers.

Those with good memories will remember Tony Blair doing exactly the same thing after the fuel blockades of 2000. As soon as they were lifted the oil companies announced a 2p increases. Following Tony Blair's statement that he "could see no justification in the rise", the oil companies withdrew it.

It does work sometimes.....

  pavvi 16:36 17 Oct 2008

Tesco only generally looks at the prices of local competition. In Port Talbot, Tesco fuel prices are very often 6p a litre more expensive than in a Swansea Tesco, even though only 8 miles seperate them....

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