a bit daft

  sunny staines 19:26 17 Jul 2008

would you expect ex pats living in pakistan or west indies to complain there is not enough white actors?

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  oresome 19:38 17 Jul 2008

Trevor Phillips raises some interesting issues. I wouldn't describe them as 'a bit daft'.

  sunny staines 19:40 17 Jul 2008

tv the way it is is ok.

  Ranger 21:54 17 Jul 2008

I think they are doing very well being portrayed as a corner shopkeeper, if it's a Scotsman being portrayed, it's usually as a drunk, and let's be honest not all Scots are drunks, well not all of the time:¬)

  laurie53 08:40 18 Jul 2008

Wouldn't wish to comment on the overall point, but the argument loses some power by suggesting that a UK TV quiz programme is too "uk-centric".

  cluckinbell 12:07 18 Jul 2008

Thats just the luck of the draw in quizes of all kinds, if the final question was on football i would be stuffed, if it was on rugby i would be walking away with a rather pleasant cheque in my pocket.

  Cymro. 12:16 18 Jul 2008

"would you expect ex pats living in pakistan or west indies to complain there is not enough white actors?"

But the percentage of the people of Pakistan who are British ex pats is very much smaller than the percentage of Pakistani people who live in the UK.

A lot of Pakistani people live over here but not very many Brits. live out in Pakistan.

  cluckinbell 12:31 18 Jul 2008

I read the Trevor Phillips article, apparently some of our TV is 'hideously white', what would happen if a programme was described as 'hideously black'?

The vicar of dibley comes in for a lot of stick being an all white cast, well how shocking, a very small rural english village being portrayed as all white.

Though the theme of the programme is ok, what would happen if it was called the Imman of Dibbley and the show revolved around throwing a lot of insults at the Islamic faith? Answers on a postcard.

  interzone55 12:31 18 Jul 2008

Which should tell some people about the relative attractiveness of the two countries, and maybe they should stop moaning & get on with life...

...or is that not PC?

  cluckinbell 12:54 18 Jul 2008

I did not say it was a direct quote from Trevor, not did i use to say he wa santi white. I asked what would ahppen if a programme was described as hideously black?

  micky d 12:55 18 Jul 2008

Why stop at ethnic minorities?

We should also see more one-legged lesbians on eastenders,etc.(no offence to one-legged lesbians).

To be serious, the Chinese community have intergrated into British society seamlessly(as well as all around the world).

You don't see many Chinese actors/newsreaders,etc. & there dosen't seem to be too much of a fuss.

There's no Chinese orientated music shows on Radio 1.

All this seems to have been instigated by the Big Brother 'racist' incident a year or so ago & if you have watched BB you'll see that it tries to represent minorities,ethnic & otherwise. This year for instance there have been two black women,a Somalian,a bi-sexual Aussie,a blind fella, an oriental woman(not sure where she is from),a girl of Arabic descent(i think), a gay chap & an American albino.

Now try getting that lot into a script of eastenders!

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