Birthday present for niece,

  wolfie3000 23:36 10 Feb 2009

My nieces birthday coming up and im stuffed for what to buy her,

She will be 13, so what do i buy her?

I have no clue about popular music, fashion or anything else teen girls like.

The safe option would be money but i want to show i put at least some effort into the gift,

I know shes mad about pink stuff and all the other things teem girls like.

I have no clues.

  wolfie3000 23:36 10 Feb 2009

teem = teen.

  MCE2K5 23:46 10 Feb 2009
  Forum Editor 23:51 10 Feb 2009

love make-up and jewellery. You might think she's too young for both, but she certainly will not.

Don't even attempt to buy her clothes, because you'll get it wrong - likewise music.

Ask her mother first, but make-up would be my choice. Go to the makeup counter in any decent department store, look for the youngest woman there, and ask her to choose some stuff for you.

  Si_L 01:18 11 Feb 2009

FE sounds right, although at the age of 13 I would go for jewellery rather than make-up.

  hastelloy 03:35 11 Feb 2009

You could try click here for ideas

  tullie 06:36 11 Feb 2009

Only one thing to do,ask her mother.

  laurie53 08:53 11 Feb 2009

At that age she'll be wanting to seem grown up.

Subject to her mother's approval some sophisticated perfume, or at least toilet water.

  interzone55 09:01 11 Feb 2009

Pop into Claire's Accessories on a Saturday afternoon and buy whatever the girls in there buy.

Avoid music, as fashions change from day to day, today's Lady GaGa fan will be into something very different tomorrow.

Likewise don't buy clothes, if only to avoid the danger of getting the size wrong.

If you really have trouble get a Claire's Accessories or New Look voucher...

  carver 09:10 11 Feb 2009

Why not ask the girl, she's 13 and knows what she wants, she might suprise you and say she would love a new mobile phone.

Or she might want some thing that SHE wants and not what every body else THINKS she wants.

  interzone55 09:25 11 Feb 2009

I know it's old fashioned, but birthday presents are supposed to be a surprise, and when I was a kid I liked the little surprises much better than the big presents I knew were coming.

I don't have kids, but I have got a couple of young nieces, and they love the bag of treats we get them, little bits of costume jewellery and make up...

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