amonra 13:41 14 May 2012

This morning on my walk into town I was heartened by a blackbird on top of a tree singing his song. He was about 100yds away and the song was quite loud so I asked myself how many watts of audio was he pumping out ? I haven't got a clue, but perhaps one of our readers has seen some article on the subject ? I was trying to visualise a small loudspeaker on top of the tree at that distance, estimate 5 watts ????? What do you lot think ?

  Batch 13:53 14 May 2012

In town = louder, higher frequency and less varied than in country.

Reason - to overcome background noise in town.

Source: Latest Eureka magazine (that comes with The Times once a month)

  Blackhat 13:56 14 May 2012

You might do better on the Birdforum. 626 thread results with the key word Volume.

The Birdforum

  Aitchbee 15:37 14 May 2012

Blackhat - that's a great website...I have just joined up!

  Blackhat 15:45 14 May 2012

For some reason the link has changed since I posted. Here is the forum home page.


  bob. 16:08 14 May 2012

For some reason the link has changed since I posted.

Is that because AitchBEE joined or just coincidence? ;-)

  Aitchbee 16:10 14 May 2012

You're a wee cheeky devil, bob.

  birdface 16:16 14 May 2012

Have to agree it is nice to hear the birds singing, but do wish they would have a long lie some mornings

  Condom 17:29 14 May 2012

We have a wren nesting in the clemitas below our bedroom window and there are many a morning when I could so easily pick up a shotgun. For such a tiny bird it sure gives off some volume and is a bit like AitchBee in that is seldom shuts up:-))

  Aitchbee 18:07 14 May 2012

The blackbird that does matinee and evening performances at the back of my flat is a most welcome 'busker'.

  octal 19:34 14 May 2012

Surely the birdsong should be measured in dbA/Metre?

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