bird feeders

  sunnystaines 10:12 13 May 2013

we have always hung bird feeders from the fruit trees to attact birds to the trees hoping they will have any bugs in the fruit trees as afters. this has worked well till last year when the birds discovered ripe figs are very tasty.

now looking to move the feeders away from the trees and have one of those poles with multi feeders as we enjoyed watching the many different birds.

was thinking about mixing the feed from peanuts to different mixes in each hanging feeder. any advice on suitable feeds.

the birds we get are various coloured tits, a jay than wait underneath for any dropped nuts also robins,thrush, blackbirds scour underneath for leftovers too. get wrens and various finch's but they do not use the feeders.

  onthelimit1 10:19 13 May 2013

Best advice probably from the RSPB

Feed the birds

  Quickbeam 12:06 13 May 2013

I only feed wild birds from about November to March, longer this years with the delayed spring to stop them starving. I don't bother at all once the natural summer bugs appear apart from stale bread.

But I have a small pond with a pumped water fall that attracts many bird species for watering and bathing which does the job of attracting them into my garden. Plus frogs and toads that moved in with the first two years of digging the pond out. You don't have slug problems with frogs and toads in the garden.

  Aitchbee 12:16 13 May 2013

I've got 3 seperate bird feeding stations - basically 3 broom-handles slotted into 3 x 2metre long metallic poles with 3 different varieties of foodstuffs in each container.[ It makes refilling and cleaning easy. ]

I put seeds/grains in the top containers, nuts in the middle and fat-balls on the lowest level position.

I also use 2 very large plastic flower pots positioned on a wall at the back of my flat [no drainage holes] as water reservoirs which the crows like, and which I hope to use to water my plants during the dry summer months. [wishful thinking]

  Quickbeam 12:27 13 May 2013

That sounds like a very well thought out urban flat bird attractor HB.

  Aitchbee 12:31 13 May 2013

QB ... I would like to expand on it [a little] ... but it's a communal area ;o)

  fourm member 12:41 13 May 2013

We feed all year round and I don't worry about following the advice about different feeds for different birds. We get a huge variety of birds including some that make my 'twitcher' friend green with envy.

One important thing is to regularly clean your feeders especially in the warmer weather. Greenfinches, in particular, are prone to disease and it can be spread by dirty feeders.

My friend suggested keeping a bucket of mud in the garden to help house martins with nest building but, as we have three nests already, I think they are getting their mud from somewhere.

Of course, if you're going to attract birds to your feeder you have to expect to attract sparrowhawks to the birds.

  Forum Editor 14:23 13 May 2013

Bird feeding has become a problem for us, ever since Ring necked parakeets moved in to our neck of the woods. Attractive to look at, these birds are an absolute menace as far as bird feeders are concerned. They love nuts and seeds, and will hang on the feeders in clusters, devouring the contents before moving on.

They are classed as an indigenous species now, so I guess we're stuck with them - we'll be lucky to get any cherries from our two trees this year if last year's performance is anything to go by - there must have been a dozen parakeets in a tree on one memorable afternoon.

  Quickbeam 14:47 13 May 2013

Can they be lured away with pieces of eight?

  mole1944 15:04 13 May 2013

Nice one Quickbeam , but I expect the police would become involved as it could be classed as bribery.

  carver 15:07 13 May 2013

Please if you are going to feed the birds do it all year, they get into a habit of going to the same place to feed and if you stop they then have to start in a different area looking for food and competing with other species.

You only need a couple of weeks with bad weather and it could disastrous.

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