Bingo Tombola etc.

  Bingalau 19:30 07 Mar 2012

Whilst serving in the Royal Marines and also with the Royal Navy, we played an entirely different game of Tombola to that which is played by the modern housewife in clubs etc.

What I would like to know is. Do any ex-navy/bootnecks or even members of other services on here remember any of the unusual calls for the different numbers (such as five and nine-the Brighton line, which seems to have survived in to the civilian version)?

I can remember Kelly's Eye; Pompey Whores; Bishops; The Maltese Goat; Two Walking Sticks; Doctor's Chum and a few others. Can anybody add to these? So that maybe we can end up with a complete list. I know on some ships numbers were not called at all, so you had to know the code or you never stood a chance of winning anything. Maybe we should steer clear of the rude ones to avoid the wrath of you know who!

Perhaps we can reminisce about the huge winnings available in the China Fleet Club in Hong-Kong? The local Chinese loved their gambling, so much so that the club was crowded on Tombola nights. To win a line would have set me up for a few months. But I never did win a bean.

Maybe we can also start a thread on the rules of "Uckers"? Anyone for Deck Hockey?

I will not divulge the word that came up on my spell checker to replace "Uckers".

  flycatcher1 19:35 07 Mar 2012

Ah, The China Fleet Club - They even let us use the "Senior Rates" Bar on the odd occasion.

  Woolwell 19:45 07 Mar 2012

Bingalau see Navy Games. But I fear a silver mouse coming with this thread.

Tombola wasn't around much by the sixties/seventies. Uckers though was. It depended on what ship you were on for the rules - mixey blobs, blow backs, etc.

  Aitchbee 20:02 07 Mar 2012

Whilst on a recent bus tour holiday, in Garve - Highlands of Scotland, the night entertainment provided was in a big conference room,in the hotel, and the DJ was calling the 'numbers' at bingo.

It was a great night...everybody was seated round a very big table. (about 30)

A wee woman, seated next to me, won 2 'houses' in a row.

My Mum used to use Swizzels (little sweets) to cover her numbers on the BINGO cards.

....Key of the door....number 4

  Aitchbee 20:29 07 Mar 2012

It was a night at the round table.

  Flak999 21:20 07 Mar 2012

We used to play Uckers in the fire brigade,this stemmed from the Naval tradition which permeated the service.

I well remember the cry of Uckers you **ers when a game was in the offing!

  john bunyan 21:32 07 Mar 2012

I remember attending families Tombola when attached for underwater demolition training with the RN Clearance Divers on Manoel Island in Malta in the '60's. I regret that at that time I went in the hope of "trapping" (to use a pussers phrase) so cannot recall the calls!

  morddwyd 21:42 07 Mar 2012

The reason Tombola was so popular was that it was the only form of gambling permitted in clubs, messes and Naafis.

A regulation honoured more in the breach Utah the observance, particularly in the time of National Service when the likes of Mr Ladbroke ot Billy Hill had to do their stint!

  Bingalau 10:02 08 Mar 2012

Trapping! "Good game, good game" as Brucie would say..

  Aitchbee 11:16 08 Mar 2012

I recently purchased a DVD game at my local charity shop for £2.

"Experience the thrills & spills of a night at the home!" it says on the cover.

I hope to do just that, at our next family get together.

It's still unopened, BTW!

  Aitchbee 11:17 08 Mar 2012

try this:

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