Bingo online - is it a scam?

  Colonel* Graham 23:11 14 Oct 2011

Keep seeing adverts like £30 credit for £10. Do they let you win so you will keep going?

  Flak999 23:15 14 Oct 2011

Do they let you win so you will keep going?

What do you think? The old adage of "if it seems to good to be true it probably is" applies in all cases such as these. These companies are in it to make money. From you!

  badgery 23:29 14 Oct 2011

Oh boy - if you have to ask....!

  spuds 23:30 14 Oct 2011

Ever heard of enticement to bet, or a fool and their money ....?.

  OTT_B 00:13 15 Oct 2011

If you are going to gamble for money on line, then bingo is as good a game as any. It's a pure luck game, which of course has the odds stacked in favour of the house.

If the offers are from reputable companies then there is no scam, but just like playing at your local club, you will lose more than you win, hence the company in question can afford to entice you with a sign-up bonus.

Be aware of the small print though. It's not uncommon for your sign-up bonus to only be released after a certain number of deposits have been made, or a minimum number of games have been played.

As long as you play with money that is fully disposable income, then there's no reason not to play. Enjoy!

  interzone55 11:49 15 Oct 2011

You deposit £10 in your account, they give you another £30or whatever. If you win with the "free money" you get to keep the winnings, but you can only draw out winnings, you can't cash in the "free" £30.

It's just the same as the bingo clubs, every now & again we get a voucher for a free card through the post, it's worth £5 or £10 depending on when we use it.

There's so many people playing the online bingo games that your chances of winning are slim, but the prizes tend to be good

  Covergirl 23:50 15 Oct 2011

Isn't it something to do with gambling odds being in favour of the banker?

With bingo there are only a certain number of winners each game, and the prizes are usually fixed, so it's just a question of maths.

Any incentives are just there to get the punter hooked. Surely?

  peter99co 17:24 17 Oct 2011

If you agree Johnny Depp appeared as a pirate in Pirates of the Caribbean You can win a trip on a cruise ship and get £2000 pounds spending money.

It only costs £1 per phone call.

How much of a scam is that? How many will pay £1 do you think?

They must rake the money in.

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