Bin This Council Idea? U turn's are catching.

  peter99co 15:19 24 Apr 2008

I know he was warned but have a little sympathy when these people are treated in this heavyhanded way. Why did they just not collect the bin and when asked,say why. He would soon get the idea then.

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  Noels 15:53 24 Apr 2008

I sometimes think our councillors and MPs forget that they are paid by us to service the needs of the whole community. Rich, poor,smart and not so smart.
When this fortnightly scheme started in our area and 85yr old friend of mine was afraid of overfilling her bin and asked the council what she should do as she doesn't drive and could't get her rubbish to the local tip.
Guess what the council told her. "Take it on the bus."
When I worked, we told all our staff that they got paid half their wages to know the regulations and half to use their judgement.
Too few people these days seem to know the meaning of judgement.

  newman35 16:11 24 Apr 2008

My understanding was that this particular gentleman had been given warnings over a period of time, but chose to ignore them.
What are the council supposed to do?
If they just continue to collect then others will 'push at the door' until the place is overflowing with rubbish.
As with most things, lines must be drawn somewhere. We elect councillors to do our bidding, so shouldn't complain.

  bstb3 16:18 24 Apr 2008

what I dont understand (well, one of the many things) is if the wheelie bin as a capacity of (say) 100 litres, then surely that is the amount of waste you are allowed. In this case, when the waste was being collected and it was noticed it was overfilled by 4 inches, could it not have been compressed by hand into the bin so that it was not overflowing? If the rubbish was less than the capacity of the bin, albeit with some poking out the top, then why is this going to be bad for the enviroment?

  peter99co 16:31 24 Apr 2008

The reason for the Lid Down policy is to prevent accidents to the binmen. If the lid is up and the binman is holding the handle and the wind catches lid, he would be hit in the face. A NO LID DOWN/NO COLLECT soon sends the message. If the owner then asks for a separate collection then a charge should made. Dont forget that the collection service is part of the Community Charge so we are already paying for our collections.

If this fine was reasonable why did it create so much publicity. It was HEAVYHANDED and sends the wrong kind of message. I wonder where it is written that any failing to close the bin lid will result in a fine such as this.In the small print in some obscure pamphlet issued in a council office?

  BT 16:59 24 Apr 2008

It amazes me just how much rubbish some people generate. We have had fortnightly collections for several years, rubbish one week, recycling the next, and never in all that time have we ever filled either of our standard sized wheelie bins to the top.

We have a third bin, for which we pay extra, for any garden rubbish which is not compostable, and any vegetable matter is composted.

  shellship 17:08 24 Apr 2008

We too have fortnightly collections like you and we never fill either bin though we are lucky enough to have a superb waste disposal place 5 mins away by car. However we now have a 3rd bin - for garden waste - collected, I think, fortnightly. Anyone smelled 2 weeks' worth of grass cutting................

  Noldi 17:22 24 Apr 2008

Where my wife is living at the moment has a council tax charge of about £1500 per year. 52 houses in the road = £78000. 2 weekly bin collections = 26, Grass cut by a very large lawnmower badly max 10 times. Road is like a cart track never see a bobby. So my calc about £2000 per visit by bin men or fast gardeners for this road and for many in that area.

The rest of the town is destroyed by overpriced parking (for workers and shoppers) leading to a lot of mobile phone shops, estate agents, Banks and a few take always. All the old businesses are gone. Every body drives to the next largest town that has cheap parking.
Looks like they are heading in the right direction at least people will shut there bin lids and if they cant sling the excess bags in the local woods.


  mrwoowoo 17:25 24 Apr 2008

How many people are in your household?
Parents with children and childless couples are obviously going to generate different amounts of waste.

  peter99co 17:27 24 Apr 2008

I bet the local shops that have gone are either boarded up or Charity shops

  shellship 18:14 24 Apr 2008

Fair comment. Only two geriatrics (don't tell my wife that).

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