Billions wasted in schools

  peter99co 12:50 28 Sep 2009

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An independent report highlights billions of pounds of taxpayers' money is being wasted in schools.

Fact or Fiction?

£50,000 to install 3 toilets?

  oresome 13:01 28 Sep 2009

The high cost of building work links in with the fines imposed last week for collusion over tenders by companies involved in work for the public sector.

  spuds 21:26 28 Sep 2009

When you get a situation were private finance is used to build schools, then someone as to make a profit.

There was a program on television, where a local education authority found that one of its schools required massive expenditure for essential rebuilding and maintenance work. An agreement was made, were a private company was brought in who took over the school and was then responsible for the upkeep of that school. The headteacher eventually resigned, because every little job he wanted doing, he had to request it from a central office. In turn, this central office then passed the work onto a contractor, who then passed it onto a 'specialist' contractor. At each stage a fee was being charged, so increasing considerably the actual cost of the work required. The main point of the program, indicted that all the parties involved were owned by the original company as part of a group.

As the now ex-headteacher stated. In the previous days, it was a simple case of perhaps getting a local tradesman in, who would do the job in a very cost effective and professional manner.

  peter99co 22:07 28 Sep 2009

Maybe GB and his cronies had better get back to basics then

  Stuartli 00:14 29 Sep 2009

Must be a lesson there somewhere.

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