Bill and Melinda Gates!

  Uboat 11:46 18 Oct 2010

Guys i have to say although we have some issues with his company sometimes and i for one have slated MS! i have to take my hat off to these two for donating and giving the HUGE amount of money and for having a VERY sensible and normal'ish attitude for having such huge wealth,

This video in my eyes shows you that they are quite level headed which is much more than can be said for the likes of other Billionaires like Donald Trump to name just one, I fully admire these two whereas other wealthy people just sit on it and live a life of ignorance to people that they could help.

click here

  jakimo 12:01 18 Oct 2010

They could have started by reducing the inflated prices of their software years ago

  Kevscar1 12:06 18 Oct 2010

but then you would have just spent it on booze and loose women.

  wiz-king 13:33 18 Oct 2010

Or just booze unless you have good anti-virus!

  wee eddie 13:50 18 Oct 2010

Why do you think that their prices are "inflated".

Many of us have bought the stuff, either because we wanted it, or because we needed it. Whatever the reason, we antied-up the money they asked.

Why should they charge less. If they did, lots of folk building "wanna-be" software would be put out of a job, or make insufficient money to survive.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:25 18 Oct 2010

I can't see many on this forum offering to give away 95% of their wealth, pre-death. Perhaps this will keep the whingers quiet about the 'inflated' prices of the software-put up or shut up....oooops,too late; no to that then.


  961 15:30 18 Oct 2010

Inflated price or not this guy's software taught me everything I know about computers

And now he sets out to do something about malaria

Something the world leaders should have conquered decades ago

He, and his wife, have my admiration

  961 15:31 18 Oct 2010

He just never got me to spell proper unfortunately

  Forum Editor 17:48 18 Oct 2010

Microsoft software has quite literally changed the world. Windows and/or Microsoft Office continue to run on the vast majority of the world's personal computers, despite all the long-running arguments that say Linux and MacOs are far better, and are about to wipe Microsoft from the map.

If the price of Microsoft software was truly inflated, surely we would all have jumped ship years ago. We haven't,and so Bill and Melinda are sitting on one of the biggest fortunes the world has ever seen. The fact that they've decided to give most of that fortune away to good causes is remarkable, and GANDALF <|:-)>'s 15:25 post is right on the button.

  ams4127 22:10 18 Oct 2010

Spot on FE and GANDALF <|:-)>.

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