Bill Gates Keynote - PDC 2005

  powerless 20:00 13 Sep 2005

click here

A webcast from the PDC that took place earlier today, where Vista and Office 12 were talked about.

Vista you probably know about click here

But Office 12? It's different! The look is...different. click here Images on the right!

  €dstowe 13:48 14 Sep 2005

Most of it seems concerned with Office 12 having a new, pretty frock. If that is so, it's updating for updating's sake just to encourage users who already must have too much ready money to part with even more.

What MS should do is realise that there is some serious competition out there from other office suites - some of which are FREE and almost all at a much lower cost than their own product and consider issuing a lower cost version of their own. By lower cost, I don't mean another version of that cheap MS Works that gets shoved in the "Valuable Free Software" given away with new computers to unsuspecting new buyers.

We are using Open Office more and more. I'm seriously think of not renewing MS Office in any new machines we have.

  powerless 19:18 16 Sep 2005

€dstowe - You never know, product versions have not been announced.


Bill Gates sure can talk, and keep perfectly still [ish] at the sametime.

It's about 3.5 hours long and pretty much all that is talked about is Vista [and the technologies that are in Vista]. Many different people come up and give us a talk on what they're in charge of, or what they're doing for Vista. Oh and then they demo some stuff...

The Vista desktop is what Microsoft have shown before, but they showed some cool ALT-TAB effects click here ;-))

...also this: click here

Lots of stuff and it was great and I wasn't even there.


Did anyone actually see it live?

  hugh-265156 00:19 17 Sep 2005

Much better than C4 on a Friday night :-)

  Pumas 00:26 18 Sep 2005

I think the new UI is a great idea. Watch the video at to see how amazing the new system is.

"This is the biggest release of office ever" [in terms of new features]

(the video file is big so you'll need broadband to download it)

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