The biggest supermarket caught out again!

  lisa02 14:34 26 May 2007

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Seems Tesco have been mis-selling chickens and other produce.

  Forum Editor 15:09 26 May 2007

it certainly doesn't say that in the report you've linked to.

What it does say is that Tesco discovered that a single farmer had inadvertantly fed his chickens with the wrong food for a short space of time. They were still labelled as corn-fed, and of course that shouldn't have happened. It was that farmers' chicken which was tested.

  Colin 16:23 26 May 2007

The biggest supermarket caught out again!
When were they caught out before? Do you mean the Whistleblower programme? Juvenile tripe like the one they did about banks. Just because they are a huge concern doesn't turn them into The Empire from Star Wars. I prefer a reasoned non-sensationalist response like this: click here

  spuds 16:35 26 May 2007

Many years ago we use to keep a mixture of free range and closed ranged chickens, mainly Rhode Island Red x Light Sussex plus Leghorn's. The free range fed off the land with supplements of corn, kibbled maize and layers mash also readily available for them. The closed 'penned' ranged were purpose fed with higher 'produced' feed.This made the skin slightly yellow, which some people preferred.

When I see 'yellow skin' chickens in supermarkets, I always think of the way we produced them, and the modern methods used nowadays.The same thoughts about 'smoked' also comes to mind!.

Years ago, Wall's use to buy quite a lot of pigs from various farmers on a regular contract basis, most of those pigs were fed on boiled swill, something that you will not see nowadays.All natural foods from a good food chain.

i thinks tescos must be one of the biggest success stories of recent times, they get slatted for putting others out of business, safeway has closed by us, and everyone was crying 'boycot tescos' it's a free market and if they've cornered it i dont think they can be doing too much wrong, so i dont really understand the caught out again, i have also found the food there very good value.

  wee eddie 17:38 26 May 2007

to consider!

The test done on the Chickens is for a trace Carbon Isotope (13C) which is found in Maize.

Now, personally, I don't call Maize - Corn. I call Corn - Corn, Wheat - Wheat, Barley - Barley and Oats - Oats and Maize is either Maize or Sweet Corn.

Maybe we should all go back to school.

  Pineman100 18:11 26 May 2007

Sorry - don't understand. According to your list, "corn" is something quite different from wheat, barley, oats and maize/sweetcorn.

So what is it?

  Jak_1 18:29 26 May 2007

Does it really matter what the chickens are fed so long as they are fit for human consumtion and taste of chicken?

  Forum Editor 18:37 26 May 2007

People think - wrongly in my opinion - that roasting chickens which have been fed on maize (corn) taste a lot better than those fed on diets that aren't rich in maize. The maize turns the chickens a golden yellow colour, so they're easy to distinguish on the supermarket shelf.

Why people think these chickens are superior is a mystery to me, but they do, and a corn diet is obviously more expensive, so the chickens cost more.

  Forum Editor 18:39 26 May 2007

Maize is commonly referred to as corn. In america it's not called anything else, and we all know it as sweetcorn, don't we?

  Jak_1 18:51 26 May 2007

Probably for the same reason that people prefer brown eggs! personally I have found all taste the same, chicken tastes of cicken and eggs taste of eggs. The only difference is with produce from different poultry. I do like duck eggs :)

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