Big Top

  Zak 21:27 02 Dec 2009

Did anyone watch this? I lasted 10 minutes.

The characters have no depth, the script is poor and the studio laughter does nothing to even raise a smile.

Sitcoms used to be so good and even now watching repeats is a sure joy.

  spuds 22:02 02 Dec 2009

There must be some very poor critic's out there, because some reviews were giving this program a very good rating.

I decided to give a look, and about 10 minutes was enough for me. Poor script, people in the background looking bored and confused, and as for the 'Useless' one.

At least switching the television off, as saved the environment ;o))

  dagbladet 22:14 02 Dec 2009

Maybe they just liked something that you didn't?

  Woolwell 22:54 02 Dec 2009

Agree with Zak and spuds. Surprised some of the jokes were before the watershed. Having said that they were smutty rather than anything else but probably a bigger crime they were poor. Lasted just over 10 mins. On paper a good cast but the script is terrible. Cannot believe that it was commissioned with licence payers' money.

  Chegs ®™ 23:21 02 Dec 2009

I dont even think I lasted 10 minutes,my pc was calling much sooner.My 13yr old watched it all and says it was funny so it must be aimed at juvenile audiences.Amanda should return to X-factor (where I wont see her either) or be miraculously found alive in Wild at Heart as I enjoyed that series. :)

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:15 03 Dec 2009

This was pure unadulterated rubbish. I actually gave 30 minutes of my life (non-refundable)to watch this train crash with horrifed fascination. The acting was so wooden that Pinocchio should have been in it. The 'sets' and lighting were jokes, Amanda Holden cannot act and I knew it was going to be dross when all she wears is ultra short skirts, shorts etc. Whoever passed this for production wants sacking pronto. Just because the bint is a judge on a weak talent show does not mean that she can command large audiences on the back of really weak jokes.
The show is squarely aimed at the mentally challenged, those who watch Jeremy Kyle and the under 5's and I want my money back. I would suggest that the lame 'writers' should watch Married With Children, Frasier, My Name is Earl, The West Wing, Flash Forward, so that they might have some clue as to how words can be used effectively.


  Al94 11:23 03 Dec 2009

Amanda Holden in short skirts and shorts? - I'm off to iplayer!

  spuds 11:37 03 Dec 2009

I think more than anything, this new program was based on actor performances from Black Adder and Hi De Hi. It failed :O((

  Al94 11:45 03 Dec 2009

You're right - it's rubbish!

  Al94 19:19 24 Feb 2010

And it's all over click here

  Hercule Marple 19:35 24 Feb 2010

Not that many sitcoms I really like.......

Dad's Army
Father Ted
Steptoe and Son
The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin
Curb Your Enthusiam
Fawlty Towers
Rising Damp
Black Books

+ some of Allo Allo and Rab C. Nesbitt.

not many recent ones there, and just the two American series.

I missed Big Top, though, so I can't comment on it's larf rate. Souns like it's in the same division as the late unlamented Captain Butler.

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