BIG Storm is brewing for the NHS !

  tein 17:17 17 Sep 2009

Forgive me as im not familiar with the infrastructure of the NHS!
The goverment is looking to save a crazy amount of money on the NHS so i was thinking! WHY dont they hire there vehicle's from large leasing company's & get as reduced rate on them by having the hire companies logo on every van.? why pay out tens of millions buying vehicles? also the amount of vehicles would also create/&/or secure jobs for the hire companies.? its a no lose situation.? but like ive said i'm not familiar with the grindwork of the NHS..

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  Forum Editor 19:01 17 Sep 2009

why you've picked on vehicle costs especially, or why you think that a leasing company would want to reduce its charges in exchange for having a logo on ambulances, etc.

I'm even more unsure about why the NHS would possibly be interested in creating or securing the jobs of people who work for leasing companies.

  octal 19:23 17 Sep 2009

What vehicles? If you look closely nearly all the vehicles are run by contractors and are not owned by the NHS.

  birdface 20:05 17 Sep 2009

Maybe they would save money if they did the operations properly.I have to go back for the 3rd and 4th time for more operations If it was done correctly in the first place they would have saved the NHS a lot of Money and me a lot of worry.
The old saying is if a job is worth doing it is worth doing it right.But that does not seem to apply to the NHS.
I think the Nurses and staff do a great job so I am not having a go at them.
It is just some of the Consultants try to cut corners to get you in and out as quickly as possible.
I want in and out as quickly as possible but I do not want to have to keep going back for the same sort of opperation.

  morddwyd 21:34 17 Sep 2009

Many big private companies already do this, of course, and just as many continue to run their own fleets.

I'm sure there must be many cogent arguments for and against.

Must admit when I go past a large depot full of unused vehicles I'm always thinking "That's money losing more of its value every day".

  PalaeoBill 22:27 17 Sep 2009

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1. Replace administration staff with medical staff.
2. Cancel the IT project that doesn't work. Sack all those responsible for the failure. Impose the penalty clauses, claw some money back and bankrupt the suppliers so they can't do it again.

There done.

  birdface 22:41 17 Sep 2009

Nice one well worth watching.Shocking if true.

  Stuartli 23:47 17 Sep 2009
  oresome 12:43 18 Sep 2009

Do you seriously imagine the NHS could operate without administrators and managers?

Do you think we should continue with a paper based medical notes system that entails moving the notes around following the patient?

I do agree that there is inefficiency. There's bound to be in an organisation the size of the NHS with the complexity of procedures they undertake. That's not to say we should be complacent, but it's not an easy nut to crack.

I also agree that we (the UK) have a poor track record in either scoping or implementing major IT projects and we really should do better. It's the type of skill we should have developed following the loss of our manufacturing base and now be exporting.

  Stuartli 13:00 18 Sep 2009

>>Do you seriously imagine the NHS could operate without administrators and managers?>>

No one would expect that, but the numerical level of administration does appear to be far higher than would seem to be appropriate.

You may well have seen the series on BBC2 two or three years ago which featured Sir Gerry Robinson trying to "fix" the NHS?

One aspect that did come across from hospital management particularly was a reluctance to acknowledge that others could point to potential solutions; their view was often blinkered to such an extent that they refused to accept such advice.


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  ol blueeyes 13:04 18 Sep 2009

Of course one of the problems with the NHS is that the people who run it and Control it don't use it they go Private. Make all the Government, ALL MP'S and all the so called Top People use it. Then it would improve rapidly

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