BIG Premium Bond Winner

  numpty_uk 14:38 19 Nov 2009

Yep i've won big time & just befor xmas to.
Will cash it & off to the pre-christmas sales i go.
How much did i win, you ask.....

£25 well it's better than nothing!

  Kevscar1 15:53 19 Nov 2009

Don't spend it all at once.

  Quickbeam 15:54 19 Nov 2009

Count me in as the first beggar;)

  Seth Haniel 16:04 19 Nov 2009

just committed to £1300 fence and double gates
and got in to find cheque for £1000 from local Hospice lottery.
:0 takes away some of the pain

  Hercule Marple 16:07 19 Nov 2009

At least you won something on the bonds. I haven't won anything from them for ages. I'll give it till the new year, then decide whether to keep them or not, depending on what interest rates are available.

  QuizMan 20:03 19 Nov 2009

I certainly seem to get more regular wins since they reduced the minimum win to £25. And my wife has won £25 four months running and she is nowhere near the maximum holding limit.

  BT 08:35 20 Nov 2009

I've had quite a few £25's this year. Return on investment so far this year is just over 1%, somewhat better than most savings accounts.

  Hercule Marple 11:22 20 Nov 2009

Mine works out at about 0.7% so far. Not a good return. It's only the slim chance of winning £100k or £1 million that prevents me from cashing them in.

  HondaMan 14:03 20 Nov 2009

I, that is my wife and I, are averaging about 3.5% at the moment from PSBs. We have just invested about £80k in a property for re-development. Total cost, about £120k. Rental income £690 per month. Even after tax, no savings account can equal that, and you get an increasing asset.

  Condom 01:02 22 Nov 2009

I rarely buy lottery tickets but did so last weekend as it was £100mil. When I heard that 2 people from the UK had won I thought I had better check so I entered my numbers into my PC and low and hehold it told me I was a winner.........of £6.50. Well at least I'm ahead.

  Forum Editor 01:45 22 Nov 2009

struck lucky a few weeks ago.

This person had not been in the habit of buying lottery tickets, but on this occasion he was driving to take his son and daughter-in-law out for an evening meal, and stopped at a petrol station to refuel. Whilst in the shop he saw a lottery machine, and on an impulse bought two lucky dip entries.

He won £4.5 million.

Last week we lunched at his expense in one of the ritziest restaurants in town. It was a delight to see someone so happy.

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