A big opportunity for private health firms

  john 52 06:28 18 May 2011

The more I hear David Cameron pushing the reforms on the NHS the more he sounds like a super slick double glazing salesman trying to maximise sales to reach his sales targets to achieve his sales bonus . I do not doubt that improvements can and must be made to the NHS but we need need changes that will not undermine the NHS and that are a gradual process which has the support of the medical profession.

[Mr Britnell was quoted as saying last October that the government's health reforms would be "a big opportunity" for private health firms who would show "no mercy" to the NHS. ]1

  john 52 06:32 18 May 2011
  Kevscar1 06:51 18 May 2011

And if that means incomptent/negligent Drs and consultants are given the boot rather than Trusts trying to cover it up I'm all for it.

  interzone55 09:46 18 May 2011

Here's an example.

A couple of years ago my then wife was called into hospital for an examination on the NHS. We were given a 9am appointment, but were pointed to a full waiting room and had to wait until 1pm to be seen. When we complained we were told that in that clinic they give all the patients for the morning the same appointment time so they know how many people they're dealing with.

On Monday my current partner had a private appointment for treatment. We were told to arrive at 7:30am, and as it's a 2 hour drive to the hospital we were jolly happy when we got there and were told that she'd be seen at 1pm. We were passed to a day room with a TV and bed, and had to wait until 1.

Difference between NHS & Private? Longer drive, earlier start time, £700 bill. We did have a TV in the room, but seeing as it was day-time there was nothing worth watching...

  john 52 10:23 18 May 2011

Alan 14

You will always get praise or criticism of any service even the NHS ! the NHS seems to be at its best when you really need it .

Fourm member

I did say the NHS needs reform in some way as the cost of drugs and treatments increase but the idea of involving private companies to have a greater role is worrying as it did not work in the past with the likes of utilities and Railtrack and the safety concerns raised . I understand that the idea is to have competition to lower prices as the above examples show it did not work and these private companies need to make a profit to pay its shareholders .

All I am saying is listen to the health service providers when I go to see a doctor he trained as a doctor not an accountant.

Fourm member

Weasel words

I do not recall this major policy in the Conservative manifesto

  spuds 11:57 18 May 2011

There was a series of programs on television about a year ago, when the 'failures' of the NHS were aired by I believe a person called Gerry Robinson. I wonder if the very feasible management and cost saving suggestions that he made, have fallen on deaf ears?.

The talk about Private and NHS, could be looked at in perhaps different views. How many consultants run a weekly patients list, that covers both the NHS and private enterprise. I know of one consultant, who no longer does NHS work, because his fitness for practice came under review. That hasn't stop this person from increasing his private practice work. It might be a case though, that this person might see privately an NHS patient under a private NHS agreement, due to overloaded NHS lists and target figures?.

Yesterday I had an NHS appointment, and as per usual (public transport arrangements) I arrived early. Having being passed to two reception areas at different locations in the hospital, I seem to have met the same scene. Bored patients waiting to be seen, and even more bored receptionists. When in the actual spot where I should have been, the wait wasn't to bad. But I still need to wait 2/4 weeks for the scan results, after the part-time doctor-consultant as made any decisions.

One thing that I have noticed on my numerous hospital visits, and that is the evidence of many 'hospital clad' people walking about with papers, generally looking very busy etc, yet at the same time there appears to be nobody keeping the waiting patients informed!.

  john 52 13:10 18 May 2011

Fourm member does this statement not ring alarm bells to you Mr Britnell was quoted as saying last October that the government's health reforms would be "a big opportunity" for private health firms who would show "no mercy" to the NHS. the private sector has been involved in the NHS under the labour government to clear up waiting list times for operations notice this was done for the benefit of the patient

  ronchesta 13:13 18 May 2011

despite all critics of NHS one clear fact..when i was a child i had polio..there was a severe out break in 50s with quite a few deaths...my folks wouldd not have been able to afford private health care..the NHS saved my life..i owe a debt of gratitude to it.

  donki 13:19 18 May 2011

Funily enough I have had the same operation on both my knees, one was on the NHS and one was private. The NHS one took nearly 2 years from GP to operation, the second private one took less than 3 months. It would have been less but I couldn't make an appointment date. I get the private care through a work scheme and it costs less than £10 per month, well worth it IMO.

  john 52 13:48 18 May 2011

fourm member please try not to relegate this thread into another slanging match many people are really concerned about the changes that are proposed if your are healthy or fortunate enough to private health insurance its not so much a worry but if you have a pre existing condition you have no chance to take out private insurance or maybe your financial position does not allow it.

Please try to look at the whole picture for ALL members of the public and the genuine concerns that they have

  john 52 14:53 18 May 2011

Fourm member I did read what you suggested and a very valid point was made

how is this extraction in profits of billions of pounds of tax payers money from the NHS by global health corporations will lead to lower health care costs?

Reform the NHS but do it from within the NHS not as a vehicle to provide profits to private companies I am sure we all still remember how close the NHS was to collapse under the previous Conservative administration ? this could be David Cameron poll tax moment if he is not careful

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