Big freeze forecast to hit Britain..!!!!!!!!!!!

  LastStarFighter 14:08 31 Dec 2007

Just to let you all know,be ready..!!

click here

  tullie 14:19 31 Dec 2007

Just like a long hot summer was predicted then?

  bstb3 14:28 31 Dec 2007

cue more panic buying as people dash to sainsburys to stock up on bread and milk, in anticipation of the forthcoming 'white hell'...

It was bad enough people stocking up for the shops being closed for a couple of days over Xmas. Makes you wonder how people would cope if there were a big crisis these days.

  octal 15:13 31 Dec 2007

believe what you like, I'm going to continue consult my seaweed outside the back-door.

  Quickbeam 15:51 31 Dec 2007

"Just like a long hot summer was predicted then?"

Yes, they said we would have the hottest summer in 30 years... We got the wettest in 300 years!

  paul€ 16:40 31 Dec 2007

on Thursday and then it will get warmer for the weekend.

How will we cope:0<)=(

  Earthsea 16:44 31 Dec 2007

My pet Mammoth's knees are knocking.

  johndrew 16:55 31 Dec 2007

Never mind your mammoth, think of all those with a brass monkey as a pet!!

  Bapou 17:04 31 Dec 2007

-17c in the Midlands? It beggars belief.

Ever since "There will be no hurricane", by you know who, forecasters seem to have gone for the worst to happen, not a might be.

  Bingalau 17:10 31 Dec 2007

Earthsea.. You shouldn't talk about your lady friend like that.

  Earthsea 17:22 31 Dec 2007

Hey, we all put a bit of weight on over Christmas!

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