Big Brother

  donki 13:45 24 May 2007

Well that time of year again, Big Brother is starting again next week. Will people be watchn it or after the last fiasco be avoiding it as much as they can. Was listening on the radio today where OFFCOM have seen new footage of even further racest abuse and have told C4 they must appologise 3 times in the new series as away to make ammends? Is this a fair punishment? Was it C4 fault as it was adults in the house, should they do more to apologise? Will the footage be more censored than in previous series? Should it be censored at all and allow the population to see what actually goes on? Or does noone really care.

  dagbladet 13:54 24 May 2007

Blimey, so many questions.

I'll have a stab to answer your first one.

Yes, undoubtedly millions of people will be glued to it for the duration.

  wee eddie 13:57 24 May 2007

The best form of Censorship is not to watch.

Incidentally. I am almost certain that the inhabitants of the House are, in effect, Employees of C4. If that happened at work the Employer would be vicariously Liable. I wonder what happened to that point.

  jack 14:07 24 May 2007

I as usual will be flexing- my library card.
Thank goodness I/we no longer have to pay not to watch this sort of thing.

  ventanas 14:11 24 May 2007

They can do what they like. If I ever come down to watching this sort of mindless rubbish, God help me.

  donki 14:15 24 May 2007

I never really got into any of the big brothers as I could never really relate to any of the house mates. I watch the first show to see if there is any HOTTIES (shallow i know) then I lose intrest.

I thought the idea was always good throwing people together to see how they interact but I dont think C4 have grasped the interaction part. Imagine selecting 10 - 15 peopel from differing age groups who actually had an opinion on a matter and willing to debate it out. I say select members of this forum and throw them together to live under the same roof. That would be alot more entertaining.

  Totally-braindead 14:17 24 May 2007

Would rather poke my eyes out with a sharp stick than watch this drivel.

  wolfie3000 14:23 24 May 2007

I think you may have an idea there,

Big house, 10 to 15 forum members and 10 broken pc,s.

It would be interesting to see what happened :)

  wee eddie 14:39 24 May 2007

It knocks Big Brother to a cocked hat.

  Z1100 19:27 24 May 2007

and I would wager that the viewing figures bill be higher this year than previous years.

BB got what it really needed, 'good' bad publicity which attracts the voyeur and in turn caresses them to phone or text the various shows.

Me, I just watch it.


  Forum Editor 19:34 24 May 2007

the programme if you paid me.

I watched the first two series, and enjoyed the novelty of it all. Then the 'it worked, so let's milk it for all it's worth' mindset kicked in, and the production company decided that the British public was more or less as thick as two short planks, and it would therefore dish up stuff that wouldn't mentally challenge a gnat - the more prurient the behaviour of the inmates the better.

At that point I opted out, and I won't be opting in again, not even for one episode.

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