Big Brother +

  ulrich 18:59 19 Aug 2006

I can,t believe an average of 4.5million watch this rubbish. Top headlines today who won BB, I like the other50million+ couldn't care less. X Factor another joke on tonight, how do you solve a problem like Maria(turn her off). I would like to watch some real comedy, a decent crimi(not the Bill). Eastenders, Coranation St(it was good in black & white). It's a load of rubbish on the tv, I cannot believe I'm the only one who thinks s, but what can we do?

  rdave13 19:08 19 Aug 2006

So you didn't vote for Glyn then......;)

  Forum Editor 19:12 19 Aug 2006

Not watch the programs, that's what - then they wouldn't be transmitted.

The sad fact is, millions and millions of people like watching mindless drivel, so the TV companies oblige.

  Cymro. 19:21 19 Aug 2006

It is probably just because the programs on telly are so bad that we are on this forum right now.

But it is Saturday night and I can`t help but feel that I should be doing something even better.

  Dizzy Bob 19:37 19 Aug 2006

Thats why millions of people like myself pay Sky TV £40+ per month!!

I am quite looking forward to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory tonight!


  Jackcoms 19:40 19 Aug 2006

I think you got your words slightly twisted there.

"The sad fact is, millions and millions of people like watching mindless drivel, so the TV companies oblige".

Surely you meant:

The sad fact is, millions and millions of people are mindless and like watching drivel, so the TV companies oblige".

  SG Atlantis® 19:52 19 Aug 2006

rofl Jackcoms!

  ulrich 20:01 19 Aug 2006

Now I've discoverd my son has not only been watching BB but also enjoying it, at a friends house.

  SG Atlantis® 20:02 19 Aug 2006

oh the shame!

  jaritch 20:10 19 Aug 2006

I am not a Big Brother fan myself but I think it is rather insulting to label people as "mindless" just because there tastes are rather different than yours.

They might think that sitting for hours on forums relating to computers is even more "mindless" or as my son calls me "sad". Or I need to "get a life" for enjoying the forums. "lifeless" perhaps!!

  SG Atlantis® 20:19 19 Aug 2006

I beg to differ...

On the forums you get a range of people from all walks of life, engaging in smart intellectual debate with some humour along the way.

We all are learning new things on here and not how to be a fruitcake in front of the camera.

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