Bi-Monthly Subscription...

  Proclaimer 22:20 28 Feb 2011

just a suggestion, a 12 month subscription but for six copies of the Magazine delivered every other month...

  Quickbeam 06:25 01 Mar 2011

I have a monthly subscription at WH Smith's. I pay some cash, and I get a 1 month rolling renewable option...

  interzone55 08:48 01 Mar 2011

So you want a magazine every other month, in a fast moving industry.

Not a good idea to be honest, as even a monthly magazine is in danger of being out of date in this world.

I say dump the paper magazine and get it online like iGizmo...

  Proclaimer 09:56 01 Mar 2011

yes I do want the magazine just every other month.

  peter99co 11:30 01 Mar 2011

Maybe you could let us know what the advantages might be.

The postman might not agree with you.
The printers might not agree with you either.
The publishers would think it had no merit.

Convince us!

  Covergirl 12:26 01 Mar 2011

Stop buying the magazine immediately.

In May, travel back through time to March, pop into your newsagents and buy the May issue, then travel forward through time back to May. Read magazine. You will then be completely up to date.

Repeat this process every two months.

  Proclaimer 14:10 01 Mar 2011

If it sells the magazine to new subscribers what does it matter that I want it only every other month.

I don't want the magazine every month, I am quite a casual buyer of the magazine and perhaps buy it only 4 times a year because I do not venture out much.

I don't want to pay for 12 months, it is more than I want to spend.

I am not interested in the subscribers gift(s) so there is another saving for PCA.

I am not chasing new technology but keeping an interest in what is happening can be done with six issues each year as far as I am concerned.

And choice, what is wrong with choice.

As for the publisher,is it perhaps that you think it would be too difficult for the distribution network to send a magazine out every other month?

Can't see what the post man or the printer has to do with it... They both do their job if I subscribe or not and don't have any bearing on the issue that I can see.

  peter99co 15:07 01 Mar 2011

Every 2 months the postman's sack will be twice as heavy with the ever popular PCA and the printer would have nothing to do 1 month out of 2 :0(

  Terry Brown 15:42 01 Mar 2011

A simple solution.

Do not subscibe, buy it from the local shop as and when you want it. This will cost you more per issue, but you will only get the ones you want and the shop will be happy to sell it to you at the shelf price.

Personally I think bi-weekly is just about right.


  spuds 15:42 01 Mar 2011

One thing that I have noticed at our local WH Smiths and the like, is the shortage of loiterers, who always seemed to prop up the shelves all day reading the various magazines for free.

Perhaps I shouldn't say this, but my now regular computer magazine is delivered every 2 weeks, which suits me.

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