dagnammit 21:55 30 May 2009

Diversity owned the show!!!!!!

  Al94 22:03 30 May 2009

Thank God it was something other than a singer - there are other kinds of tent!

  dagnammit 22:08 30 May 2009

The lead of the group has some skill and some imagination to choreograph those routines. The buzzers bit was pure genius and in the end they had the wife and myself clapping & cheering in our living room. :D

  lotvic 22:11 30 May 2009

I was so pleased when they won (am also glad it wasn't a singer again.

  Al94 22:46 30 May 2009

tent? that would be talent!!!

  tullie 23:10 30 May 2009

What you lot talking about?

  nangadef 23:22 30 May 2009

Read the thread!

  dagnammit 23:31 30 May 2009

No TV, Newspapers, Radio or Internet where you live?

  Spark6 23:40 30 May 2009

Takes all sorts I suppose, unless it's tongue in cheek. Myself, I was talked into choosing the top three by my better half, ended up with first and second to her second and third. What does that tell you? Maybe get a life!!!

  Stuartli 00:06 31 May 2009

As an aside, the News of the World had to rapidly change its first edition's front page...:-)

  rdave13 00:09 31 May 2009

Give tullie a break 8-|! I do watch TV, usually Sky news or BBC. Otherwise it's the internet. BUT.. and it's a big but, this time the 'something has talent' took my interest and was sorry to see the old fashioned lady failed to win. Polished by professionals she'd be ideal for err opera or something.
The dancers were dancing to a military style of marching to good effect and err that's it. Would be better off playing football.
As for the exceptional youngsters..their time will come.

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