gengiscant 15:26 22 Jun 2008

According to guidelines from the British Standards Institute,every tree in the nation should be inspected every 3 years,by a trained person to ensure that it does not pose a problem to the public.
So if you see a tree that looks as though it might be about to a attack someone,or is merely hanging about the entrance to a park with a few of his mates,rustling its leaves in a threatening manner,then give the BSI a ring,let them sort it.

  crosstrainer 15:32 22 Jun 2008

Trees wearing hoods should not be approached, and the BSI and Police should be informed at once :)

  spuds 15:37 22 Jun 2008

Bit like insurance reports and claims: "Suddenly the tree appeared, then hit me" ;o)

Naughty things these trees, should be banned.

  wellshgit 15:43 22 Jun 2008

I was attacked by a bramble bush once. Does this count? lol

  gengiscant 15:46 22 Jun 2008

The fact that you are here to tell the tale,is a blessing.

  wellshgit 15:50 22 Jun 2008

Yes but now I have a phobia of bramble seedless jam !

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:56 22 Jun 2008

Of course trees are dangerous -

Just the thing to stand under in a lightning storm. ;0)

Branches falling in roads causing accidents.

Kids falling out of them, never mind adults that should know better.

Conkers - don't forget to wear your safety glasses.

Trees that get in the way of skiers and tobogganists.

Dangerous berries (yew one of the most poisonous in this country.

Wet leaves casing slips and falls as well as causing chaos on the railway.

Forest fires.

Trees add them to the "Banned List"


  Legolas 16:20 22 Jun 2008

All I want trees to do is leaf me alone...I can hear the groans from here ;}

  octal 17:29 22 Jun 2008

Wooden Hoodies, now that conjures up a picture.

  Blackhat 17:41 22 Jun 2008

This is the sort of thing that the proposals are intended to combat, Mr poole was a friend of mine and was only where he was because of doing an extra shift.

click here

Judge Richard Wakerley QC said: "The condition and the danger the tree presented would have been obvious to anyone making a close inspection of that tree."

  Bapou 18:04 22 Jun 2008

Spike Milligan would have been against this plan. What else could he have talked to before they put him away?

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